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Packaging California Table Grapes

Packaging California Table Grapes
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Authors: Donald A. Luvisi, Harry H. Shorey, James F. Thompson, Tom Hinsch and David C. Slaughter. 1995, 16 pages

Description: How to pack grape boxes, palletize and transport boxes to cold storage, and undertake forced-air cooling, initial fumigation, cold storage, storage room fumigation, and refrigerated transportation.




Table of Contents:

  Packing the Boxes
  Box Material and Construction
  Cultivar and Pack Volume
    Growing Region
    Package Volume and Soluble Solid Consent
    Depth of Pack
    Box Dimension
    Inner Packaging
  Palletizing and Transporting Boxes to Cold Storage
  Forced-air Cooling
  Initial Fumigation
  Cold Storage
  Storage Room Fumigation

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