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Rice Quality Handbook

Rice Quality Handbook
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Authors: R.G. Mutters, J.F. Thompson

Description: This 141 page handbook provides detailed information on how to produce high-quality rice from planting to postharvest. It was written primarily for the Sacramento Valley rice industry, but worldwide rice operations, including growers, buyers, operators of dryers, warehouses, and processing operations will benefit from this handbook. Also included are sections on air temperature, humidity, and weather factors, as well as machine harvesting and its effect on quality. It is illustrated with 39 color photographs, 58 graphs, and 35 line drawings.


Table of Contents:

Map of California Rice Production Region
Chapter 1. Rice Quality in the Global Market
  Definitions of Quality
  General Categories of Rice
  Quality Characteristics of Paddy Rice
  Physical Properties
  Physicochemical Properties Affecting Quality
  Rice Quality Evaluation in Other Countries
  Rice Quality Characteristics Required by Processors
Chapter 2. Air Temperature, Humidity, and Weather
  Psychrometric Calculations
Chapter 3. Planting and Production
  Variety Selection
  Field Preparation and Planting
  Nitrogen Management
  Water Management
  Generalized Production Checklist
  Characteristics of Selected Rice Varieties Grown in California
Chapter 4. Machine Harvesting and Rice Grain Quality
  Environmental Effects on Head Rice Yield
  Understanding Harvester Basics
  Adjusting the Combine
  Troubleshooting Combines
Chapter 5. Heated Air Drying
  Keys to Heated Air Drying
  Dryer Operation
  Dryer Testing
  Types of Continuous Flow Dryers
  How Rice Dries in a Column Dryer
  Energy Use and Conservation
Chapter 6. Bin and Warehouse Drying
  Bin Drying
  Factors Controlling Drying Rate in Bin and Warehouse Drying
  Warehouse Drying
Chapter 7. Sampling and Measuring Rough Rice Moisture Content
  Sample Collection
  Measuring Moisture Content
  Shrink Factors
  Reducing Variability in Quality Appraisal Samples
Chapter 8. Storage and Aeration
  Aeration System Operation
  Aeration System Design
  Cost of Aeration and Cooling
  Refrigerated Storage
Chapter 9. Controlling Spoilage: Insects and Decay in Stored Rice
  Environmental Factors Affecting Insects
  Growth and Development of Rice Storage Insects
  Major Insects in Rice
  Environmental Factors Affecting Microorganism Growth
  Managing Stored rice to Prevent Insects and Fungi
  Control of Insects
  Alternative Insect Control Methods
Chapter 10. Quality Changes during Handling and Storage
  Changes in Taste and Processing Quality
  Environmental Factors
  Quality Attributes
English-Metric Conversions

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