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The Postharvest Libraries contain a wide range of materials for free download (pdf format) as well as links to other useful postharvest-related websites. The content is presented in either searchable databases or in a list by subject.

Postharvest Center Publications. Free publications available for download, including Small-Scale Postharvest Handling Practices: A Manual for Horticultural Crops, Postharvest Technology for Fruit & Vegetable Produce Marketers: Economic Opportunities, Quality & Food Safety and the popular poster Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Better Taste.

Publications. A database containing over 1,700 articles and presentations authored by UC postharvest specialists andUSDA postharvest researchers. The database is organized by topic and searchable.

Food Safety Resources. A collection of resources that focus on produce safety.

Video Library. A select collection of online postharvest videos created by UC postharvest specialists and others.

Selected Postharvest References. A list of selected references on 'postharvest handling and physiology of horticultural crops', published in 2001 with periodic addendums through 2010.

Book Reviews. Reviews of postharvest publications available from other sources. 

Useful Postharvest Websites. Contains links to the most useful and unrestricted internet sites for postharvest information.

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