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 Title Advances in Fresh-cut Fruits and Vegetables Processing
 Author/Editor Martin-Belloso, Olga and Robert Soliva Fortuny
 Additional Information

CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA ; ISBN: 9781420071214 (

 Review This book provides a thorough, up-to-date coverage of all the major aspects related to processing and marketing of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. It includes 15 chapters written by 31 authors who are among the leading researchers on postharvest biology and technology of minimally processed (fresh-cut) fruits and vegetables. Following is a list of the chapter topics and authors: 

The fresh-cut fruit and vegetable industry: current situation and market trends (M.A. Rojas-Grau, E. Garner, and O. Martin-Belloso); Regulatory issues concerning the production of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables (M. van der Velde); Microbiological and safety aspects of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables (P. Ragaert, L. Jacxsens, I. Vandekinderen, L. Baert, and F. Devlieghere); Physiology of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables (E.A. Baldwin and J. Bai); Factors affecting sensory quality of fresh-cut produce (J.C. Beaulieu); Nutritional and health aspects of fresh-cut vegetables (B. De Ancos, C. Sanchez-Moreno, L. Plaza and M. Pilar Cano); Fruits and vegetables for the fresh-cut processing industry (M. Montero-Calderon and M. Milagro Cerdas-Araya); Treatments to assure safety of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables (M.I. Gil, A. Allende and M.V. Selma); Use of additives to preserve the quality of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables (J.F. Ayala-Zavala and G.A. Gonzalez-Aguilar); Modified atmosphere packaging of fruits and vegetables: modeling approach (C. Guillaume, V. Guillard and N. Gontard); Use of edible coatings for fresh-cut fruits and vegetables (M.A. Rojas-Grau, R. Soliva-Fortuny and O. Martin-Belloso); Hazard analysis and critical control point and hygiene considerations for the fresh-cut  produce industry (P.McClure); Process design, facility, and equipment requirements (A. Turatti); Quality assurance of fresh-cut commodities (J.M. Garrido); Future trends in fresh-cut fruit and vegetable processing (G. Oms-Oliu and R. Soliva-Fortuny).

Overall, this book is a valuable addition to available resources for the research and industry professionals who are interested in strategies for maintaining quality and safety of fresh-cut fruit and vegetable products.

 Date 2010
 Reviewed By Adel Kader


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