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 Title Fruit and Vegetable Flavour: Recent Advances and Future Prospects
 Author/Editor Bruckner, B., and S.G. Wyllie (Editors)
 Additional Information

CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL  (ISBN: 9781420076004)

 Review The two editors and 25 authors of this book present a very timely overview of recent advances and future prospects related to flavor of fruit and vegetable products. The book is organized into four parts as follows: I. Introduction (flavor quality, consumer acceptance, economic valuation of taste); II. Flavor formation during growth and postharvest flavor changes ( formation of flavor, postharvest flavor development and degradation, importance of texture, production of off-flavors); III. Flavor management (flavor improvement by breeding, role of maturity, process flavors in Allium vegetables); and IV. Genetic background and future prospects (genetic background of flavor, genes involved in biosynthesis of aroma volatiles, role of the metabolome diversity, multifunctional enzymes and volatiles, high throughput flavor profiling of fruit).
I recommend this book to all those interested in flavor quality of fruits and vegetables.

 Date 2008
 Reviewed By Adel Kader


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