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 Title Fruit and Vegetables Harvesting, Handling and Storage, Second Edition
 Author/Editor A.K. Thompson
 Additional Information

Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, UK, 460pp; ISBN 1-4051-0619-0 (for ordering information go to:

 Review About 25% of this book is devoted to a general overview of the following topics: preharvest factors on postharvest life, assessment of crop maturity, harvesting and handling methods, precooling, packaging, postharvest treatments, storage, disease control, safety, fruit ripening conditions, and marketing and transport. A review of published reports about postharvest technology of individual fruits and vegetables represents about 55% of the book, and 15% includes a long list of references.

 Date 2003
 Reviewed By Adel A. Kader on December 16, 2003


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