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 Title Handbook of Postharvest Technology: Cereals, Fruits, Vegetables, Tea, and Spices
 Author/Editor Chakraverty, A., A.S. Mujumdar, G.S.V. Raghavan, and H.S. Ramaswamy
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Marcel Dekker, Inc., NY; 884 pages; ISBN 0-8247-0514-9 (for more information go to:

 Review This handbook is written by 48 authors covering a broad range of topics, including 4 parts on cereals and legumes (properties, grades, harvesting, threshing, drying, storage, handling, and milling); on part on Postharvest technology of fruits and vegetables; one part on Postharvest technology of coffee, tea, and cocoa; and one part on biomass, by-products and control aspects.

 Date 2003
 Reviewed By Adel A. Kader on December 16, 2003


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