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 Title Improving the Health-promoting Properties of Fruit and Vegetable Products
 Author/Editor Tomas-Barberan, F.A. and M.I. Gil (Editors)
 Additional Information

CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL  (ISBN 9781420076011)

 Review This book provides a very useful overview of the scientific evidence regarding the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, the range of metabolites that may be responsible for these benefits, and the factors and treatments that can influence the concentrations of these metabolites. The 21 chapters , written by 30 authors, are grouped into five parts as follows: I. Introductory issues (3 chapters); II. The health effects of fruit and vegetables (5 chapters); III. Understanding fruit and vegetable phytochemicals (3 chapters); IV. Effects of pre- and post-harvest technologies on the health-promoting properties of fruits and vegetables (7 chapters); and V. The nutritional quality of particular fruit and vegetable products (3 chapters). Overall, this book is an excellent addition to available resources on the health benefits of fruit and vegetable products and strategies for enhancing their bioactive phytochemicals. I recommend it to all those who are interested in the nutritional quality and health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

 Date 2008
 Reviewed By Adel Kader


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