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 Title Improving the Safety and Quality of Nuts
 Author/Editor Linda J. Harris (ed.)
 Additional Information

ISBN 978-0-85709-266-3, 440 pp.

Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition Number 250

 Review This book, edited by food safety microbiologist Linda Harris with 22 other contributors, is an engaging factual and comprehensive reference.  The contributors are respected authorities in their specialized areas and the book summarizes the latest in research-based information on safety as well as quality aspects of nuts.  It is organized into two main parts: Production and processing practices and influence on nut contamination (Part I) and Improving nut quality and safety (Part II) and also contains a previously published appendix on nut and seed allergens.  Part I includes chapters on agricultural practices to reduce microbial contamination of nuts, impact of nut postharvest handling operations on quality, non-thermal processing technologies for nut safety, pest control in stored nuts, mycotoxin contamination, HACCP and SPC for nut processing, and validation of processes to reduce microbial loads.   Part II includes chapters on the impact of roasting on nut quality, oxidative rancidity in nuts, automated nut sorting, and specific chapters on improving the quality and safety of walnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, peanuts, almonds and pistachios.   All chapters contain an extensive bibliography.  This is an excellent and must have reference for those professionals involved with the utilization of nuts in our diets as well as anyone interested in these healthy and delicious products.  

 Date June 24, 2014
 Reviewed By Marita Cantwell


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