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 Title Microbial Safety of Fresh Produce
 Author/Editor Fan, X, B.A. Niemira, C.J. Doona, F.E. Feeherry, and R.B. Gravani (editors)
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IFT Press, Wiley-Blackwell, USA:; (ISBN: 978-0-8138-0416-3)

 Review This book evolved from several Symposia held during the Annual Meeting of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) in 2007. The book is written by the five editors plus 46 additional authors who are experts in various aspects of the science and technology of food safety. It is organized into 23 chapters covering the following topics:

Enteric human pathogens associated with fresh produce: sources, transport, and ecology ; The origin and spread of human pathogens in fruit production systems ; Internalization of pathogens in produce; Produce safety in organic vs. conventional crops; The role of good agricultural practices in produce safety; Effectively managing through a crisis; The role of water and water testing in produce safety; The role of manure and compost in produce safety; Aqueous antimicrobial treatments to improve fresh and fresh-cut produce safety; Irradiation enhances quality and microbial safety of fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables; Biological control of human pathogens on produce; Extension of shelf life and control of human pathogens in produce by antimicrobial edible films and coatings; Improving microbial safety of fresh produce using thermal treatment; Enhancing safety and extended shelf life of fresh produce for the Military; Consumer and food-service handling of fresh produce; Plant sanitation and good manufacturing practices for optimum food safety in fresh-cut produce; Third-party audit programs for the fresh-produce industry; Applications of immunomagnetic beads and biosensors for pathogen detection in produce; Public response to the 2006 recall of contaminated spinach; Produce in public: spinach, safety, and public policy; Contaminated fresh produce and product liability: A law-in-action perspective; The economics of food safety: The 2006 foodborne illness outbreak linked to spinach; Research challenges and directions. 

Most chapters include an extensive list of references (dated up to 2008) for further reading if desired by the reader.

Overall, this book is a timely and useful reference for all those interested in the fundamental and applied aspects of microbial safety of fresh produce. It can also be used as a textbook for an advanced undergraduate or graduate course on this topic.

 Date 2009
 Reviewed By Adel Kader


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