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Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh-cut Fruits and Vegetables

Brody, A.L., H. Zhuang, and J.H. Han (editors)
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Wiley-Blackwell, Ames, Iowa, USA, 302p.   (Hard cover ISBN: 978-0-8138-1274-8 ; E-book ISBN: 978-0-470-95904-6) ;


This book is aimed at the end users in the fresh-cut produce industry and is written by 17 authors (10 from industry and 7 from academia), including the three editors, who are experts in various aspects of the technology of  modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. It is organized into 15 chapters covering the following topics (with chapter authors indicated):  Introduction (Zhuang); Mathematical modeling of MAP (Zhang, Liu & Rempel); Respiration and browning discoloration of fresh-cut produce in MAP ((Zhuang, Barth & Fan); Fresh-cut produce microbiology of MAP (Chuang); Sensory and sensory-related quality of fresh-cut produce under MAP (Zhuang, Fan & Barth); Phytochemical changes of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables in MAP (Yang); Active modification of atmosphere in packages (Campbell & Potter); Polymeric films used for MAP of fresh-cut produce (Zhuang); BreathewayR membrane technology and MAP (Clarke); Microperforated films for fresh produce packaging (Gates); MAP machinery selection and specification (van Wandelen); Hygienic design of machinery (van Wandelen); Nanostructure packaging technologies (Lim); Active packaging for fresh-cut fruits and vegetables (Mehyar & Han); Packaging sustainability for MAP of fruits and vegetables (Sand). Overall, this book is a very useful reference for all those interested in the applied aspects of  MAP for fresh-cut produce.

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Adel Kader

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