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 Title Postharvest Biology
 Author/Editor S.J. Kays and R.E. Paull
 Additional Information

Exon Press, Athens, GA, 568 pp.  ISBN: 1-888186-54-2 (

 Review his is the second edition of “Postharvest Physiology of perishable Plant Products” with a new title and a second author. The book is organized in the following nine chapters: (1) The science and practice of postharvest plant biology; (2) Nature and structure of harvested products; (3) Metabolic processes in harvested products; (4) Secondary metabolic processes and products; (5) Molecular genetics, signal transduction and recombinant DNA; (6) Development of plants and plant organs; (7) Stress in harvested products; (8) Movement and exchange of gases, solvents and solutes within harvested products and their exchange between the product and its external environment; and (9) Heat transfer and cooling. All chapters are well written and illustrated and each chapter includes a list of suggested references for additional reading plus a list of cited references. I recommend this book both as an overview reference book for all those interested in postharvest biology of perishable plant products and as a textbook for a course in postharvest biology for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

 Date 2004
 Reviewed By Adel Kader


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