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 Title Postharvest biology and technology of tropical and subtropical fruits
 Author/Editor Yahia, E.M. (editor)
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Woodhead Publishing Limited, 80 High Street, Sawston, Cambridge, CB22 3HJ, UK; for more information, go to the following links: Volume 1: Fundamental issues; Volume 2: Açai to Citrus; Volume 3: Cocona to mango; Volume 4: Mangosteen to white sapote.

 Review This four-volume book series, edited by Professor Elhadi Yahia and authored by him and more than 120 co-authors, is focused on postharvest biology and technology of 67 subtropical and tropical fruits. Volume 1 provides an overview of key factors associated with the postharvest quality of tropical and subtropical fruits. Two introductory chapters cover the economic importance of these crops and their nutritional benefits. Chapters reviewing the postharvest biology of tropical and subtropical fruits and the impact of preharvest conditions, harvest circumstances and postharvest technologies on quality follow. Additional topics presented include microbiological safety, control of decay and quarantine pests, the role of biotechnology, fresh-cut products, and  processing of tropical and subtropical fruits.

Chapters in Volume 2 focus on the following fruits:  açai, acerola, achachairu, akee, anola, araza, Assyrian plum, avocado, bael, banana, black sapote, breadfruit, breadnut, cactus pear, caja, camu-camu, cape gooseberry, carambola, cashew apple, chili plum, and citrus fruits. Topics presented in each chapter include means of maintaining quality and minimizing losses postharvest, recommended storage and transport conditions and processing methods.

Chapters in Volume 3 deal with the following fruits: cocona, coconut, dabai, date, durian, feijoa, fig, golden apple (spondias), table grape, guava, jaboticaba, jackfruit, jujubes (Chinese & Indian), kiwifruit, litchi, longan, loquat, lucuma, macadamia, mamey apple, mamey sapote, and mango. In each chapter, the following topics are discussed: postharvest physiology, preharvest factors affecting postharvest quality, quality maintenance postharvest, pests and diseases and value-added processed products.

Chapters in Volume 4 cover methods of maintaining quality, recommended storage and transport conditions and processing methods for each of the following fruits: mangosteen, melon, nance, noni, olive, papaya, passion fruit, pecan, persimmon, pineapple, pistachio, pitahaya, pitanga, pomegranate, rambutan, salak, sapodilla, soursop, star apple, sugar apple, tamarillo, tamarind, wax apple, and white sapote.

Overall, this book series is a very useful resource for all those who are interested in quality and its postharvest maintenance of tropical and subtropical fruits.

 Date 2011
 Reviewed By Adel Kader


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