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 Title Postharvest Physiology and Hypobaric Storage of Fresh Produce
 Author/Editor S.P. Burg
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CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK: 654pp. ISBN 0-85199-801-1, $199 (for ordering information go to:

 Review The first part of this book covers origins of the low pressure concept; gas and vapor mass transport; metabolic functions of oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, cyanide, and ethylene; heat transfer and water loss; postharvest diseases and physiological disorders; and insect quarantine. The second part deals with the effects of hypobaric (low pressure) conditions during transport or storage on horticultural commodities and meat quality maintenance; warehouse and intermodal container designs to maintain hypobaric conditions; and influence of low pressure on physical, biological, and chemical parameters. This is the most detailed account of the history and development of hypobaric storage of fresh produce written by the leading authority on this subject. Even if you are not interested in hypobaric storage as such, this book has valuable information about mechanisms of gas exchange, heat transfer, and water loss that should be very useful to all those interested in postharvest biology and technology of fresh produce. I recommend it for your library.

 Date 2004
 Reviewed By Adel Kader


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