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 Title Citrus Fruit Biology, Technology and Evaluation
 Author/Editor Ladaniya, M.S. (Author)
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Academic Press (Elsevier), San Diego, CA, USA (ISBN: 978-0-12-374130-1), 558 pages.

 Review The author presents a comprehensive review of the international literature, including research done by the author and his colleagues in India, on postharvest biology and technology of citrus fruits. The book is organized into 22 chapters covering the following topics: Introduction; Commercial fresh citrus cultivars and producing countries; Postharvest losses; Preharvest factors affecting fruit quality and postharvest life; Fruit morphology, anatomy, and physiology; Fruit biochemistry; Growth, maturity, grade standards, and  physico-mechanical characteristics of fruit; Harvesting; Preparation for fresh fruit market; Packaging;   Precooling and refrigeration; Storage systems and response of  citrus fruits; Transportation; Marketing and distribution;  Irradiation; Postharvest diseases and their management;  Physiological disorders and their management; Postharvest  treatments for insect control; Fruit quality control, evaluation, and analysis; Nutritive and medicinal value of citrus fruits; Biotechnological applications in fresh citrus fruit; World fresh citrus trade and quarantine issues.

Overall, the book is well-written, but the printing quality of the black and white and color photographs is mostly suboptimal. The book can be used both as a reference for all those interested in quality and its postharvest maintenance in citrus fruits and as a textbook for a course on postharvest biology and technology of citrus fruit.

 Date 2008
 Reviewed By Adel Kader


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