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 Title Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Fruits and Vegetables, Second Edition
 Author/Editor A.K. Thompson
 Additional Information

CAB International ( , Wallingford, UK ; ISBN: 978-             1-84593-646-4; available in printed and electronic formats

 Review Originally published in 1998, this second edition provides an update of current knowledge of Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) of fruits and vegetables. It is organized into the following 10 chapters: Introduction (history of CA); Effects and interactions of CA storage; CA technology (control of temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric gas composition); Harvest and pre-harvest factors; Pre-storage treatments (including use of 1-methylcyclopropene); Flavor, quality and physiology; Pests and diseases; Modified atmosphere packaging (general principals and commodity-specific applications);  Recommended CA storage conditions for selected crops; and  Transport. About half the total text (209 pages) is devoted to Chapter 8 on modified atmosphere packaging plus Chapter 9 on recommended CA storage conditions for 110 fruit and vegetable crops. For each crop, the author provides as much background information to be used as basis for informed decisions by users of CA technology. Also, the book includes a glossary and an extensive list of references (about 1168 citations, including 453 citations dated between 1999 and 2010).

Overall, this book is a useful addition to available references for the research and industry professionals who are interested in MAP and/or CA storage and transport of fruits and vegetables.

 Date 2010
 Reviewed By Adel Kader


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