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 Title Crop Post-harvest: Science and Technology. Volume 1. Principles and Practices.
 Author/Editor Golob, P., G. Farrell, and J.E. Orchard (editors)
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Blackwell Publishing and the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), University of Greenwich, UK; 554 pages; ISBN 0-632-05723-8 (for more information go to:

 Review This book is written by 39 authors including 31 from NRI and it provides an overview of Postharvest science and technology in 11 chapters as follows: post-harvest systems in agriculture, biology of plant communities, physical factors, biological factors, storage, pest management, remedial treatments in pest management, food processing and preservation, food systems, applied research and dissemination, and trade and international agreements.

 Date 2002
 Reviewed By Adel A. Kader on February 18, 2004


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