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 Title Crop Post-Harvest: Science and Technology: Perishables
 Author/Editor Debbie Rees, Graham Farrell, and John Orchard
 Additional Information

Blackwell Publishing Ltd, west Sussex, UK; 464 pages;

Print ISBN: 9780632057252; Online ISBN: 9781444354652;

 Review This book is focused on factors affecting postharvest quality of horticultural perishables and how to reduce their losses during postharvest handling. Following is the list of crops included: tomatoes; bananas; citrus; apples; mango; pineapple; avocado; grapes; stone fruit; soft fruit; kiwifruit, guava, passion fruit and lychee; prickly pear fruit and cladodes; cucurbits; herbs, spices and flavorings; potatoes; onions, shallots and garlic; tropical root crops (cassava, sweet potato, yam); and cut flowers. For each crop, the following topics are covered: postharvest physiology, quality, maturity, postharvest handling practices and problems, physiological disorders, diseases, and other relevant topics. The book is well written by an international team of 34 authors (12 from UK, 9 from Australia, 5 from USA, 2 from Sri Lanka, and one each from France, Ghana, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, and South Africa) who are among the leading postharvest biology and technology researchers working on these crops.  This reference book is a very good addition to books on postharvest technology of perishables that are currently available in the libraries for researchers, students, and produce professionals who are interested in the science and technology of postharvest quality maintenance of horticultural perishables.

 Date 2012
 Reviewed By Adel Kader


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