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 Title Dates Production, Processing, Food, and Medicinal Values
 Author/Editor A. Manickavasagan, M.M. Essa, and E. Sukumar
 Additional Information

CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 442 pages; ISBN 9781439849453 (printed copy); 9781439849477 (eBook-PDF);

 Review This is the first comprehensive book in English about dates (Phoenix dactylifera) published by a commercial publisher. In addition to the three editors, 59 chapter co-authors participated in writing this book. The first part (Production) includes 11 chapters covering the following topics: An overview of date palm production; Tissue culture studies; The date palm genome project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Water management; Fertilizer application; Environmental concern from trace metal contamination; Salinity problems and their management; Insect and mite pests and their management; Mechanization in pollination; Design concepts for date-harvesting process; and Date marketing. The second part (Processing) covers the following 7 chapters: Drying characteristics, rehydration, and color changes during storage; Solar tunnel drying; Dehydration and microwave drying; Quality assessment by computer vision technology; Nonchemical methyl bromide alternatives; Processing into value-added products; Exploring the possibility of biofuel production. The third part (Food) includes the following 5 chapters: Physical characteristics and chemical composition; Sorption and structural characteristics; Fermentative products; Dates as potential substitute for added sugar in food; and Use of by-products in feeding livestock. The fourth part (Medicinal Values) includes the following 6 chapters: Dates: a fruit from heaven; The functional values; Nutritional and medicinal value; Uses of date palm in Ayurveda; Dates in indigenous medicines of India; and Antiamyloidogenic effect of dates grown in Oman with reference to their possible protection against Alzheimer’s disease. Overall, this is a very good reference book that is highly recommended to researchers, students, and industry professionals who are interested in production, processing, utilization, and/or marketing of dates and their products.

 Date 2012
 Reviewed By Adel Kader


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