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Publications - Blackberry

Survival of Foodborne Pathogens on Berries

Mary Palumbo, Linda J. Harris, Michelle D. Danyluk

Blackberry, Blueberry, Bushberries, Food Safety, Raspberry, Strawberry
November 2013

Outbreaks of Foodborne Illness Associated with Common Berries, 1983 through May 2013

M. Palumbo, L.J. Harris, and M.D. Danyluk

Blackberry, Blueberry, Boysenberry, Bushberries, Food Safety, Raspberry

Natural Volatile Treatments Increase Free-Radical Scavenging Capacity of Strawberries and Blackberries

Korakot Chanjirakul, Shiow Y. Wang, Chien Y. Wang, and Jingtair Siriphanich

Blackberry, Phytonutrients


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