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Publications - Celery

Fate of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, and Salmonella on Fresh-cut Celery

Joshua P. Vandamm, Di Li, Linda J. Harris, Donald W. Schaffner, Michelle D. Danyluk

Celery, Food Safety

Heat Shock Reduces Browning of Fresh-cut Celery Petioles

Julio G. Loaiza-Velarde, Mary E. Mangrich, Reinaldo Campos-Vargas, Mikal E. Saltveit

Celery, Fresh-cut Vegetables

Characterization of the UDP-Glucose: (1,3)-ß Glucan(Callose) Synthase From Plasma Membranes of Celery: Polypeptide Profiles and Photolabeling Patterns of Enriched Fractions Suggest Callose Synthase Complexes From Various Sources Share a Common Structure

Raymond M. Slay, Alley E. Watada, David J. Frost, and Bruce P. Wasserman

College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
Postharvest Technology Center
Department of Plant Sciences

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