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Psychrometric Charts

Provided by Jim Thompson

June 2012

Mobile Refrigeration Trailer for N.C. Farmers

N.C. State Plants for Human Health Institute

Cooling, Small-scale Postharvest Technology

Acceptable Cooling Delays for Selected Warm Season Vegetables and Melons

M.I. Cantwell, A. Thangaiah


Pre-cooling Systems for Small-Scale Producers

Lisa Kitinoja, and James F. Thompson

Cooling, Small-scale Postharvest Technology
June 2010

Energy Use of Commercial Forced-Air Coolers for Fruit

J.F. Thompson, D.C. Mejia, R.P. Singh

Cooling, Energy

Electricity Use in Produce Coolers (PPT)

Jim Thompson

Cooling, Energy
February 2009

Preconditioning Treatment Maintains Taste Characteristic Perception of Ripe 'September Sun' Peach following Cold Storage

Rodrigo Infante, Claudio Meneses, and Carlos Crisosto

Cooling, Peach

Status of Energy Use and Conservation Technologies Used in Fruit and Vegetable Cooling Operations in California

Prepared by: James F. Thompson, and R. Paul Singh

Cooling, Energy
July 2008

Benchmarking Study of the Refrigerated Warehousing Industry Sector in California

R. Paul Singh

Cooling, Energy, Storage
July 2008

Energy Benchmarking of Warehouses for Frozen Foods

B. Prakash, and R. Paul Singh

Cooling, Energy, Storage
July 2008

Commercial Cooling of Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers

James F. Thompson, F. Gordon Mitchell, Tom R. Rumsey, Robert F. Kasmire, Carlos H. Crisosto


Controlled Delayed Cooling Extends Peach Market Life

Carlos H. Crisosto, David Garner, Harry L. Andris, and Kevin R. Day

Cooling, Peach
January - March 2004

Commercial-Scale Forced-Air Cooling of Packaged Strawberries

B.A. Anderson, A. Sankar, J.F. Thompson, R.P. Singh

Cooling, Strawberry

Conservación Frigorífica de Cítricos en Atmósferas Ozonizadas: Efecto Sobre Las Enfermedades de Postcosecha

Lluís Palou, Joseph Smilanick, Carlos H. Crisosto

Citrus Fruit, Cooling, Modified Atmospheres

Postharvest life and flavor quality of three strawberry cultivars kept at 5° C in air or air + 20 kPa CO

C. Pelayo, S.E. Ebeler, A.A. Kader

Cooling, Strawberry
October 2002

Effect of Cooling Delays on Fruit and Vegetable Quality

Jim Thompson, Marita Cantwell, Mary Lu Arpaia, Adel Kader, Carlos Crisosto, Joe Smilanick

February 2001

Table Grapes Suffer Water Loss, Stem Browning During Cooling Delays

Carlos H. Crisosto, Joe L. Smilanick, Nick K. Dokoozlian

Cooling, Grape
January-February 2001

Cold Storage and Flower Keeping Quality of Cut Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.)

Kimani Waithaka, Michael S. Reid, and Linda L. Dodge

Cooling, Ornamental Crops

Influence of Place Packing or Tray Packing on the Cooling Rate of Palletized 'Anjou' Pears

Dana F. Faubion, Adel A. Kader

Cooling, Pear
October - December 1997

Forced Air Cooling of Strawberries in Clamshell Baskets

James Thompson, Jerry Knutson

Cooling, Strawberry
May 1997

Small-Scale Cold Rooms for Perishable Commodities

James F. Thompson, Mark Spinoglio

Cold Chain, Cooling, Small-scale Postharvest Technology

Managing Time-of-Use Electrical Rates in Cooling Facilities

J.F. Thompson, J. Knutson

Cooling, Energy

Energy Use in Hydrocooling Stone Fruit

J.F. Thompson, Y.L. Chen

Cooling, Energy, Stone Fruits

Comparative Energy Use of Vacuum, Hydro, and Forced Air Coolers for Fruits and Vegetables

J.F. Thompson, Y.L. Chen

Cooling, Energy

Energy Use in Vacuum Coolers for Fresh Market Vegetables

J.F. Thompson, Y.L. Chen, T.R. Rumsey

Cooling, Energy

An Evaporative Cooler for Vegetable Crops

James F. Thompson, Robert F. Kasmire

March-April 1981

Vacuum Cooling Wrapped Lettuce

Charles C. Cheyney, Robert F. Kasmire, Leonard L. Morris

Cooling, Lettuce
October 1979

Handling, Precooling, and Temperature Management of Cut Flower Crops for Truck Transportation

Roger E. Rij, James F. Thompson, Delbert S. Farnham

Cooling, Ornamental Crops, Transportation

Comparison of Conditioning, Precooling, Transit Method, and Use of a Floral Preservative on Cut Flower Quality

D.S. Farnham, T.G. Byrne, F.J. Marousky, D. Durking, R. Rij, J.F. Thompson, and A.M. Kofranek

Cooling, Ornamental Crops, Transportation

Forced-air Cooling for California Flower Crops

D.S. Farnham, J.F. Thompson, R.F. Hasek, A.M. Kofranek

Cooling, Ornamental Crops

Cooling Trials with Plastic Tray Pack Nectarines in Various Containers

F.G. Mitchell, R.A. Parsons, Gene Mayer

Cooling, Nectarine
September 1971

Cooling of Oranges in Storage Rooms

Bill C. Bilbo

Citrus Fruit, Cooling, Orange
March 1960

Field Heat Removed Rapidly by Forced-Air Cooling of Vine-Ripe Tomatoes

R.F. Kasmire, R.A. Brendler, Rene Guillou

Cooling, Tomato
February 1960


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