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Publications - Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Return on Investment in Postharvest Technology for Assuring Quality and Safety of Horticultural Crops

Adel A. Kader

Cost-Benefit Analysis, Food Safety, Marketing, Postharvest Horticulture, Quality Evaluation

Costs and Benefits of Changes in Horticultural Practices

Lisa Kitinoja

Cost-Benefit Analysis, Postharvest Technology Extension, Small-scale Postharvest Technology
June 2005

Postharvest Technology for Small-Scale Produce Marketers: Economic Opportunities, Quality and Food Safety (PDF Description, link to order form to purchase)

Lisa Kitinoja, James Gorny

Cost-Benefit Analysis, Marketing, Small-scale Postharvest Technology
April 1999

Capital $ Investment in Postharvest Technology & Recovery of Invested Capital

James R. Gorny, Lisa Kitinoja

Cost-Benefit Analysis
February 1999

Costs and Benefits of Fresh Handling Practices: 4 Worksheets

Lisa Kitinoja

Cost-Benefit Analysis
February 1999


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