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Publications - Cut Flowers

Transport Temperatures for Californian Cut Flowers – We’re Making Progress!

Michael Reid, Steve Tjosvold, Jim Thompson

Cut Flowers
February 2000

Flower Handlers: Sanitation is Crucial

Michael S. Reid, Linda L. Dodge

Cut Flowers
November 1997

The Three C's - A Check List for Optimal Postharvest Handling of Cut Flowers and Foliage

Cut Flowers
November 1997

Keeping Cut Flowers Cool

Michael Reid, Linda Dodge, Jim Thompson

Cut Flowers
November 1997

New Ethylene Inhibitor Could Extend Flower Life

Anna Mayers, Julie Newman, Michael Reid, Linda Dodge

Cut Flowers, Ethylene and 1-MCP
November 1997

Postharvest Handling Recommendations for Cut Tuberose

Michael Reid

Cut Flowers
November 1996
College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
Postharvest Technology Center
Department of Plant Sciences

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