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Influence of persimmon astringency type on physico-chemical changes from the green stage to commercial harvest

Influence of persimmon astringency type on physico-chemical changes from the green stage to commercial harvest

Pedro Novilloa, Alejandra Salvadora, Carlos Crisostob, Cristina Besadaa,∗

a Postharvest Technology Center, Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias, Ctra. Moncada Na´quera, Km. 4.5, 46113 Moncada, Valencia, Spain b Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis, Kearney Agricultural Center, Parlier, CA 93648, USA



Harvesting, Shipping & Handling Concerns in International Perishable Shipping (Link to Presentation)

Mary Lu Arpaia, presentation given at the ASHS Annual Conference

Harvesting, Transportation
July 2014

Comparison of Platform versus Ladders for Harvest in Northern California Pear Orchard

R.B. Elkins, E.J. Mitcham, W.V. Biasi, J. Abreu, J.M. Meyers, V. Duraj, J.A. Miles, D.J. Tejeda, L. Asin

Harvesting, Pear

Harvesting and Handling Effects on Postharvest Decay

T.J. Michailides, and G.A. Manganaris

Decay Control, Handling at Destination, Harvesting, Postharvest Pathology
April 2009

Influence of Cultivar and Harvest Method on Postharvest Storage Quality of Pepper (Capsicum Annuum L.) Fruit

David L. Smith, John R. Stommel, Raymond W.M. Fung, Chien Y. Wang, and Bruce

Harvesting, Pepper

Cultivar and Harvest Date Effects on Flavor and Other Quality Attributes of California Strawberries

Clara Pelayo-Zaldivar, Susan E. Ebeler, and Adel A. Kader

Harvesting, Strawberry

Towards a Molecular Strategy for Improving Harvesting of olives (Olea europaea L.)

Antonio Ferrante, Donald A. Hunter, Michael S. Reid


Postharvest Handling and Transportation Training of Trainers Workshop Report

Dr. Adel Kader, Dr. Lisa Kitinoja, Mr. Brian McGregor, Mrs. Heidi Reichert

Harvesting, Postharvest Losses, Small-scale Postharvest Technology
September 2002

The Effect of Topical Application of 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-Carboxylic Acid on Olive Fruit Abscission

A. Ferrante, D.A. Hunter, and M.S. Reid

Harvesting, Olive

Harvest Mechanization Helps Agriculture Remain Competitive

James F. Thompson, Steven C. Blank


Modified Almond Harvester Reduces Orchard Dust

Randal J. Southard, Robert J. Lawson, Henry E. Studer, Maria Brown

Almond, Harvesting
September-October 1997

Harvesting and Handling California Table Grapes for Market

Klayton E. Nelson

Grape, Handling at Destination, Harvesting

Terminology for the Description of Developmental Stages of Horticultural Crops

A.E. Watada, R.C. Herner, A.A. Kader, R.J. Romani, and G.L. Staby

Fruit Ripening, Harvesting, Maturity
February 1984

Influence of Harvesting Methods on Quality of Deciduous Tree Fruits

Adel A. Kader

August 1983

Damage Evaluation of Machine Harvested Fresh Market Tomatoes

H.E. Studer, P. Chen, A.A. Kader

Harvesting, Tomato

The Value of Shading Perishable Produce after Harvest

June E. Rickard, and D.G. Coursey

Harvesting, Postharvest Losses, Small-scale Postharvest Technology
August 1979

Mechanical Harvester for Fresh-market Plums

James J. Mehlschau, Robert B. Fridley, Robert W. Brazelton, Marvin H. Gerdts, F. Gordon Mitchell

Harvesting, Plum
March 1977

Postharvest Responses of Vegetables to Preharvest Field Temperature

A.A. Kader, J.M. Lyons, and L.L. Morris

Harvesting, Physiological Disorders
December 1974

Mechanical Shaking Trials for Citrus Harvesting in Ventura County

R.M. Burns

Citrus Fruit, Harvesting
February 1971

Bulk Handling of Shipping Fruits -- Trials Encouraging in Tulare

J.H. LaRue, F.G. Mitchell

Harvesting, Stone Fruits, Transportation
June 1964


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