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Handling at Destination, Health Benefits, Marketing
June 2011

Plasma Antioxidant Capacity Changes Following a Meal as a Measure of the Ability of a Food to Alter In Vivo Antioxidant Status

Ronald L. Prior, Liwei Gu, Xianli Wu, Robert A. Jacob, Gity Sotoudeh, Adel A. Kader, and Richard A. Cook

Health Benefits, Nutritional Quality

Consumption of Bing Sweet Cherries Lowers Circulating Concentrations of Inflammation Markers in Healthy Men and Women

Darshan S. Kelley, Reuven Rasooly, Robert A. Jacob, Adel A. Kader

Cherry, Health Benefits

Fresh Cherries May Help Arthritis Sufferers

Marcia Wood

Cherry, Health Benefits, Nutritional Quality
May 2004

Importance of Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables in Human Nutrition and Health

Adel Kader

Health Benefits, Nutritional Quality
May 2001

Antioxidant Activity of Pomegrante Juice and Its Relationship with Phenolic Composition and Processing

Maria I. Gil, Francisco A. Tomas-Barberian, Betty Hess-Pierce, Deirdre M. Holcroft, Adel A. Kader

Health Benefits, Nutritional Quality, Pomegranate
September 2000

Alliin in Garlic

Marita Cantwell

Health Benefits, Nutritional Quality
May 2000

The Potential of Citrus Limonoids as Anticancer Agents

Robert Jacob, Shin Hasegawa, Gary Manner

Health Benefits, Nutritional Quality
May 2000

Fruits and Vegetables: Foods with Unappreciated Nutritional Value as Sources of Antioxidants

J. Bruce German

Health Benefits, Nutritional Quality
August 1997

Californians' Eating Habits Differ From Their Dietary Attitudes

Christine M. Bruhn, Dana Wong, Howard G. Schutz

Consumer Issues, Health Benefits
September-October 1996


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