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Publications - Lemon

Integrated Approaches to Postharvest Disease Management in California Citrus Packinghouses

J.L. Smilanick

Citrus Fruit, Decay Control, Lemon, Orange

Quality Retention and Potential Shelf-Life of Fresh-cut Lemons as Affected by Cut Type and Temperature

Francisco Artés-Hernández, Frenando Rivera-Cabrera, Adel A. Kader

Fresh-cut Fruits, Lemon

Chlorophyll Fluorscence Imaging Allows Early Detection and Localization of Lemon Rind Injury following Hot Water Treatment

David Obenland, and Paul Neipp

October 2005

Impact of a Brief Postharvest Hot Water Drench Treatment on Decay, Fruit Appearance, and Microbe Populations of California Lemons and Oranges

Joseph L. Smilanick, David Sorenson, Monir Mansour, Jonah Aieyabei, and Pilar Plaza

Citrus Fruit, Decay Control, Lemon, Orange
April-June 2003

Tolerance of Lemons and the Mediterranean Fruit Fly to Carbonyl Sulfide Quarantine Fumigation

D.M. Obenland, E.B. Jang, L.H. Aung, and L. Zettler

Insect Control, Lemon

Essential Oils and Chilling Injury in Lemon

D.M. Obenland, D.A. Margosan, L.G. Houck, and L.H. Aung

February 1997


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