University of California

Publications - Maturity

Refractometer Calibration, Use and Maintenance

Stephen Vasquez, and Shannon Mueller

Maturity, Quality Evaluation

Quality of Pink Lady Apples in Relation to Maturity at Harvest, Prestorage Treatments, and Controlled Atmosphere during Storage

Elena de Castro, William V. Biasi, and Elizabeth J. Mitcham

Apple, Maturity, Modified Atmospheres
June 2007

Trends in Flower Marketing and Postharvest Handling in the United States

Michael S. Reid

Maturity, Ornamental Crops

Terminology for the Description of Developmental Stages of Horticultural Crops

A.E. Watada, R.C. Herner, A.A. Kader, R.J. Romani, and G.L. Staby

Fruit Ripening, Harvesting, Maturity
February 1984

Startch Iodine Pattern as a Maturity Index for Granny Smith Apples

M.S. Reid, C.A.S. Padfield, C.B. Watkins, and J.E. Harman

Apple, Maturity

The Tamarillo: Chemical Composition during Growth and Maturation

D.A. Heatherbell, M.S. Reid, R.E. Wrolstad

Maturity, Tamarillo

Electronic Color Sorting of Cantaloupes for Ripeness

Robert F. Kasmire

Maturity, Melons, Quality Evaluation
March 1977

California Market Tomatoes: Maturity, Ripening & Transit Temperatures

Robert F. Kasmire, A.A. Kader, L.L. Morris

Maturity, Tomato, Transportation
July 1976


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