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Effect of Gamma Irradiation Treatment at Phytosanitary Dose Levels on the Quality of 'Lane Late' Navel Oranges

Heather McDonald, Mary Lu Arpaia, Fred Caporaso, David Obenland, Lilian Were, Cyril Rakovski, Anuradha Prakash

Citrus Fruit, Ionizing Radiation, Orange

Impact of High-temperature Forced-air Heating of Navel Oranges on Quality Attributes, Sensory Parameters, and Flavor Volatiles

David Obenland, Sue Collin, James Sievert, and Mary Lu Arpaia

Citrus Fruit, Orange

Early Navel Orange Fruit Yield, Quality, and Maturity in Response to Late-season Water Stress

Craig E. Kallsen, Blake Sanden, Mary Lu Arpaia


Integrated Approaches to Postharvest Disease Management in California Citrus Packinghouses

J.L. Smilanick

Citrus Fruit, Decay Control, Lemon, Orange

Storage Temperature and Time Influences Sensory Quality of Mandarins by Altering Soluble Solids, Acidity and Aroma Volatile Composition

David Obenland, Sue Collin, Bruce Mackey, James Sievert, Mary Lu Arpaia

Citrus Fruit, Orange, Quality Evaluation, Sensory Evaluation, Storage

Relationship of Soluble Solids, Acidity and Aroma Valatiles to Flavor in Late-Season Navel Oranges

D. Obenland, S. Collin, J. Sievert, K. Fjeld, and M.L. Arpaia

Citrus Fruit, Orange, Quality Evaluation, Sensory Evaluation

Peel Fluorescence as a Means to Identify Freeze-damaged Naval Oranges

David Obenland, Dennis Margosan, Sue Collin, James Sievert, Kent Fjeld, Mary Lu Arpaia, James Thompson, and David Slaughter

April-June 2009

Determinants of Flavor Acceptability During the Maturation of Navel Oranges

David Obenland, Sue Collin, Bruce Mackey, James Sievert, Kent Fjeld, Mary Lu Arpaia

Orange, Quality Evaluation
February 2009

Effect of Surface Roughness on Retention and Removal of Escherichia coli O157:H7 on Surfaces of Selected Fruits

H. Wang, H. Feng, W. Liang, Y. Luo, and V. Malyarchuk

Apple, Avocado, Food Safety, Melons, Orange

Non-destructive Freeze Damage Detection in Oranges Using Machine Vision and Ultraviolet Fluorescence

D.C. Slaughter, D.M. Obenland, J.F. Thompson, M.L. Arpaia, D.A. Margosan


New Late-Season Navel Orange Varieties Evaluated for Quality Characteristics

Tracy L. Kahn, Ottilla J. Bier, and Robert J. Beaver

Citrus Fruit, Orange
July-Sept. 2007

Commercial Packing and Storage of Navel Oranges Alters Aroma Volatiles and Reduces Flavor Quality

David Obenland, Sue Collin, James Sievert, Kent Fjeld, Julie Doctor, Mary Lu Arpaia

Citrus Fruit, Orange, Packaging, Quality Evaluation
June 2007

2007 Freeze: UV Could Cast New Light on Citrus Damage

Celeste Durant, and Editors

Citrus Fruit, Orange
April-June 2007

Oranges: Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and Enjoy

Jennifer E. Snart, Mary Lu Arpaia, and Linda J. Harris

Food Safety, Orange
January 2006

Proton Spin-Spin Relaxation Time of Peel and Flesh of Naval Orange Varieties Exposed to Freezing Temperature

Prem N. Gambhir, Young J. Choi, David C. Slaughter, James F. Thompson, and Michael J. McCarthy

Citrus Fruit, Orange

Hot Water and Curing Treatments Reduce Chilling Injury and Maintain Post-harvest Quality of 'Valencia' Oranges

Mustafa Erkan, Mustafa Pekmezci, and Chien Y. Wang

Chilling Injury, Orange

Freeze Damage Detection in Oranges Using Gas Sensors

Eunice S. Tan, David C. Slaughter, James F. Thompson

July 2004

Ozone Gas Penetration and Control of the Sporulation of Penicillium digitatum and Penicillium italicum within Commercial Packages of Oranges During Cold Storage

Lluis Palou, Joseph L. Smilanick, Carlos H. Crisosto, Monir Mansour, Pilar Plaza

Modified Atmospheres, Orange
May 2003

Impact of a Brief Postharvest Hot Water Drench Treatment on Decay, Fruit Appearance, and Microbe Populations of California Lemons and Oranges

Joseph L. Smilanick, David Sorenson, Monir Mansour, Jonah Aieyabei, and Pilar Plaza

Citrus Fruit, Decay Control, Lemon, Orange
April-June 2003

Volatile Emissions of Navel Oranges as Predictors of Freeze Damage

David M. Obenland, Louis H. Aung, David L. Bridges, and Bruce E. Mackey

April 2003

Evaluation of the Effect of Ozone Exposure on Decay Development and Fruit Physiological Behavior

L. Palou, C.H. Crisosto, J.L. Smilanick, J.E. Adaskaveg, J.P. Zoffoli

Decay Control, Grape, Orange, Peach

High-Temperature Forced-Air Treatment Alters the Quantity of Flavor-Related, Volatile Constituents Present in Navel and Valencia Oranges

D.M. Obenland, M.L. Arpaia, R.K. Austin, and B.E. MacKey

Citrus Fruit, Insect Control, Orange, Quality Evaluation

Tolerance of 'Valencia' Oranges to Controlled Atmospheres, as Determined by Physiological Responses and Quality Attributes

Dangyang Ke, and Adel A. Kader

Modified Atmospheres, Orange

Early-season Naval Oranges May Be Too Sour for Consumers

Ernestine Ivans, Marie Ferres

January-February 1987

Physiological and Compositional Changes in Orange Fruit in Relation to Modification of their Susceptibility to Penicillium italicum by Ethylene Treatments

M.K. El-Kazzaz, A. Chordas, and A.A. Kader

Ethylene and 1-MCP, Orange

Fruit Maturity of Washington Navel Orange Trees as Influenced by Density

S.B. Boswell, C.D. McCarty, D.A. Cole

Citrus Fruit, Orange
June 1975

Cooling of Oranges in Storage Rooms

Bill C. Bilbo

Citrus Fruit, Cooling, Orange
March 1960

Gibberellin on Orange Fruit

C.W. Coggins, Jr., and H. Z. Hield

September 1958

Rapid Pack System for Oranges

Roy J. Smith, And Haruo Najima

Citrus Fruit, Orange
November 1957

Harvest Time Affects Valencias

Winston W. Jones, and Clarence B. Cree

Citrus Fruit, Orange
January 1955


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