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Appropriate Food Packaging Solutions for Developing Countries

Nerlita M. Manalili
Study conducted for the International Congress "Save Food!" at Interpack2011

Packaging, Small-scale Postharvest Technology

Evaluation of Different Types of Packages for Handling and Transportation of Vegetables

K.G.L.R.Jayathunge, W.M.C.B. Wasala, H.M.A.P. Rathnayake, C.R. Gunawardane, H.C. Samarakoon, M.D. Fernando, and K.B. Palipane


Designing Containers for Handling Fresh Horticultural Produce

Clément Vigneault, James Thompson, and Stefanie Wu


Evaluation of the Effect of Different Modified Atmosphere Packaging Box Liners on the Quality and Shelf Life of 'Friar' Plums

Celia M. Cantin, Carlos H. Crisosto, and Kevin R. Day

Modified Atmospheres, Packaging, Plum
April - June 2008

Suspended Tray Package for Protecting Soft Fruit from Mechanical Damage

J.F. Thompson, D.C. Slaughter, M.L. Arpaia


Commercial Packing and Storage of Navel Oranges Alters Aroma Volatiles and Reduces Flavor Quality

David Obenland, Sue Collin, James Sievert, Kent Fjeld, Julie Doctor, Mary Lu Arpaia

Citrus Fruit, Orange, Packaging, Quality Evaluation
June 2007

CG&TFL Research Report Development of Design Criteria for a 5-down Box

J. F. Thompson, R. T. Hinsch, and D. C. Slaughter

Grape, Packaging
November 19, 2001

Storage Quality of Bell Peppers Pretreated with Hot Water and Polyethylene Packaging

G.A. Gonzalez-Aguilar, R. Cruz, R. Baez, and C.Y. Wang

Packaging, Pepper

Storage Quality of Bell Peppers Pretreated With Hot Water and Polyethylene Packaging

G.A. Gonzalez-Aguilar, R. Cruz, R Baez, and C.Y. Wang

Packaging, Pepper

Packaging Bartlett Pears in Polyethylene Film Bags to Reduce Vibration Injury in Transit

D.C. Slaughter, J.F. Thompson, R.T. Hinsch

Packaging, Pear, Transportation

CA '97 Vol. 5: Fresh-cut Fruits and Vegetables and MAP

Edited by James R. Gorny

Fresh-cut Fruits, Fresh-cut Vegetables, Modified Atmospheres, Packaging

Packaging California Table Grapes

Donald A. Luvisi, Harry H. Shorey, James F. Thompson, Tom Hinsch, David C. Slaughter

Grape, Packaging

Sorting Table Illumination on Storefruit Packing Lines in California

M.J. Delwiche, J.F. Thompson, R.S. Johnson

Nectarine, Packaging, Peach, Plum, Stone Fruits
November 1993

Assessment of Vibration Injury to Bartlett Pears

D.C. Slaughter, R.T. Hinsch, J.F. Thompson

Packaging, Pear
July-August 1993

Simulated In-Transit Vibration Damage to Packaged Fresh Market Grapes and Strawberries

D. Fischer, W.L. Craig, A.E. Watada, W. Douglas, B.H. Ashby

Grape, Packaging, Strawberry

Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Fruits and Vegetables

Adel A. Kader, Devon Zagory, Eduardo L. Kerbel

Modified Atmospheres, Packaging

Design of Polymeric Packages for Modified Atmosphere Storage of Fresh Produce

Jatal D. Mannapperuma, Devon Zagory, R. Paul Singh, and Adel A. Kader

Modified Atmospheres, Packaging

Use of a Computer Model in the Design of Modified Atmosphere Packages for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

D. Zagory, J.D. Mannapperuma, A.A. Kader, and R.P. Singh

Modified Atmospheres, Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Fresh Produce

Adel A. Kader

Modified Atmospheres, Packaging

Solid/Spaced - A New Carloading Pattern for Tight-Fill Packed Fruit

F.G. Mitchell, G. Mayer, C.H. Campbell, Jr.

Packaging, Pear, Plum, Transportation
December 1968

Economic-Engineering Cost Studies Prove Value of Tight-Fill Peach Packing

R.H. Reed, R.H. Dawson

Packaging, Peach
November 1964

Pear Transit Simulated in Test

Noel F. Sommer

Packaging, Pear, Transportation
September 1957

Surface Discoloration of Pears

Noel F. Sommer

Packaging, Pear
January 1957


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