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Publications - Postharvest IPM

The mode of action of insecticidal controlled atmospheres

E. Mitcham, T. Martin, S. Zhou

Insect Control, Postharvest IPM

Effects of Ethyl Formate on Fruit Quality and Target Pest Mortality for Harvested Strawberries

Tiffanie Simpson, Veronique Bikoba, Elizabeth J. Mitcham

Postharvest IPM, Quality Evaluation, Strawberry
December 2004

Process protocols based on radio frequency energy to control field and storage pests in in-shell walnuts

S. Wang, J. Tang, J.A. Johnson, E. Mitcham, J.D. Hansen, R.P. Cavalieri, J. Bower, B. Biasi

Postharvest IPM, Walnut
April 2002

Postharvest Integrated Pest Management

Beth Mitcham (Editor)

Postharvest IPM

Future Tools in Postharvest IPM

Beth Mitcham

Postharvest IPM
November 2000

Radio Frequency Treatments to Control Codling Moth in In-Shell Walnuts

S. Wang, J.N. Ikediala, J. Tang, J.D. Hansen, E. Mitcham, R. Mao, B. Swanson

Postharvest IPM, Walnut
October 2000

Overview of Postharvest Integrated Pest Management

Beth Mitcham

Postharvest IPM
August 1999

Moist Heat Treatments of Strawberries are Studied

Frank T. Yoshikawa, F. Gordon Mitchell, Gene Mayer

Postharvest IPM, Strawberry
March-April 1992


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