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Publications - Postharvest Pathology

Evaluation of Current Operating Standards for Chlorine Dioxide in Disinfection of Dump Tank and Flume for Fresh Tomatoes

Alejandro Tomás-Callejas, Gabriela López-Velasco, Angela M. Valdez, Adrian Sbodio, Francisco Artés-Hernández, Michelle D. Danyluk, Trevor V. Suslow

Postharvest Pathology, Tomato

Variable Agronomic Practices, Cultivar, Strain Source and Initial Contamination Dose Differentially Affect Survival of Escherichia coli on Spinach

E. Gutiérrez-RodrÍguez, A. Gundersen, A.O. Sbodio, T.V. Suslow

Postharvest Pathology, Spinach

Combining Biological Control with Physical and Chemical Treatments to Control Fruit Decay after Harvest

Wojciech J. Janisiewicz, and William S. Conway

Postharvest Pathology
March 2010

Harvesting and Handling Effects on Postharvest Decay

T.J. Michailides, and G.A. Manganaris

Decay Control, Handling at Destination, Harvesting, Postharvest Pathology
April 2009

The Intersection between Cell Wall Disassembly, Ripening, and Fruit Susceptibility to Botrytis cinerea

D. Cantu, A.R. Vicente, L.C. Greve, F.M. Dewey, A.B. Bennett, J.M. Labavitch, and A.L.T. Powell

Fruit Ripening, Postharvest Pathology, Tomato
January 2008

Physicochemical Properties and Bioactivity of Fungal Chitin and Chitosan

Tao Wu, Svetlana Zivanovic, F. Ann Draughon, William S. Conway, and Carl E. Sams

Postharvest Pathology
April 2005

Unique Advantages of using Low Temperature Scanning Electron Microscopy to Observe Bacteria

Stephanie Roy, Isabelle Babic, Alley E. Watada, and William P. Wergin

Postharvest Pathology

Postharvest Control of Botrytis cinerea Infections on Cut Roses Using Fungistatic Storage Atmospheres

Philip E. Hammer, S.F. Yang, M.S. Reid, and J.J. Marois

Ornamental Crops, Postharvest Pathology

Manipulating the Postharvest Environment to Enhance or Maintain Resistance

Noel F. Sommer

Postharvest Pathology

Ethylene Effects on In Vitro and In Vivo Growth of Certain Postharvest Fruit-Infecting Fungi

M.K. El-Kazzaz, N.F. Sommer, and A.A. Kader

Ethylene and 1-MCP, Postharvest Pathology
February 1983

Postharvest Handling Practices and Postharvest Diseases of Fruit

Noel F. Sommer

Postharvest Pathology
May 1982

Effect of Oxygen on Carbon Monoxide Suppression of Postharvest Pathogens of Fruits

Noel F. Sommer, R.J. Fortlage, J.R. Buchanan, and Adel A. Kader

Modified Atmospheres, Postharvest Pathology
April 1981

Effects of Modified Atmospheres on Postharvest Pathogens of Fruits and Vegetables

M.A. El-Goorani, N.F. Sommer

Modified Atmospheres, Postharvest Pathology

Suppression of Postharvest Plant Pathogenic Fungi by Carbon Monoxide

M.A. El-Goorani, and N.F. Sommer

Postharvest Pathology

Anatomical Changes Associated with the Development of Gold Fleck and Fruit Pox Symptoms on Tomato Fruit

R. Ilker, A.A. Kader, and L.L. Morris

Postharvest Pathology, Tomato


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