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Publications - Postharvest Technology Extension

California Horticultural Crops Statistical Information - 2016

Compiled from CDFA and California Farm Bureau Federation information.

Postharvest Technology Extension
June 2016

UC Davis: Postharvest Powerhouse, and 'Retirement' Won't Slow Adel Kader

Diane Nelson - Writer, Photographer
Brenda Brinton - Graphic Designer, Photographer

Postharvest Technology Extension
October 2008

Stopping the Land Grant Brain Drain

Elizabeth Mitcham

Postharvest Horticulture, Postharvest Technology Extension
June 2006

Costs and Benefits of Changes in Horticultural Practices

Lisa Kitinoja

Cost-Benefit Analysis, Postharvest Technology Extension, Small-scale Postharvest Technology
June 2005


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