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Publications - Potato

Application of Nondestructive Impedance Spectroscopy to Determination of the Effect of Temperature on Potato Microstructure and Texture

Ana Fuentes, José L. Vásquez-Gutiérrez, Maria B. Pérez-Gago, Erica Vonasek, Nitin Nitin, Diane M. Barrett 

Potato, Quality Evaluation

Reassessment of Treatments to Retard Browning of Fresh-cut Russet Potato with Emphasis on Controlled Atmospheres and Low Concentrations of Bisulphite

Yurong Ma, Qingguo Wang, Gyunghoon Hong, & Marita Cantwell

Fresh-cut Vegetables, Potato

The Potential of the Fungus, Muscodor albus, as a Microbial Control Agent of Potato Tuber Moth (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)in Stored Potatoes

Lawrence A. Lacey, Lisa G. Neven

Insect Control, Potato

Kinetic Parameters for the Thermal Inactivation of Quality-Related Enzymes in Carrots and Potatoes

Gordon E. Anthon, and Diane M. Barrett

Carrot, Potato, Processed Fruits and Vegetables
June 2002

A Review of Important Facts about Potato Glycoalkaloids

Marita Cantwell

August 1996

Curing and Storing California Sweetpotatoes

J.F. Thompson, and R.W. Scheuerman

Potato, Root Crops, Storage, Sweet potato
February 1993

Effects of Low Concentrations of Ethylene on Sweetpotatoes (Ipo-Moea Batatas (L.) Lam) During Curing and Storage

Lisa A. Kitinoja

Potato, Root Crops, Sweet potato

Effects of Handling Procedures and Temperature on Potato Cracking

R.F. Kasmire, R.E. Voss, K.G. Baghott

July 1972

Effects of Ethylene on Potato Tuber Respiration

Michael S. Reid, and Harlan K. Pratt

Ethylene and 1-MCP, Potato


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