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Publications - Root Crops

Quality Changes and Respiration Rates of Fresh-cut Sunchoke Tubers (Helianthus Tuberosus L.)

Qingguo Wang, Marita Cantwell

Fresh-cut Vegetables, Root Crops

Methyl Jasmonate Inhibits Postharvest Sprouting and Improves Storage Quality of Radishes

Chien Y. Wang

Root Crops

Curing and Storing California Sweetpotatoes

J.F. Thompson, and R.W. Scheuerman

Potato, Root Crops, Storage, Sweet potato
February 1993

Effects of Low Concentrations of Ethylene on Sweetpotatoes (Ipo-Moea Batatas (L.) Lam) During Curing and Storage

Lisa A. Kitinoja

Potato, Root Crops, Sweet potato

Sunchoke discoloration control

T. Wang, Q. Wang, F. Pupin and M.I. Cantwell

Fresh-cut Vegetables, Root Crops
College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
Department of Plant Sciences

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