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Harvesting, Shipping & Handling Concerns in International Perishable Shipping (Link to Presentation)

Mary Lu Arpaia, presentation given at the ASHS Annual Conference

Harvesting, Transportation
July 2014

Transportation of Fresh Horticultural Produce, Chapter 1 from Postharvest Technologies for Horticultural Crops

Clément Vigneault, James Thompson, Stefanie We, K.P. Catherine Hui, and Denyse I. LeBlanc


Handling of Cut Flowers for Air Transport

M.S. Reid

Ornamental Crops, Transportation

Maintaining Quality & Safety in California Fresh Strawberries: Transportation and DC Handling of Strawberries (Part 4)

Jim Thompson

Food Safety, Quality Evaluation, Strawberry, Transportation
April 15, 2008

New Strategies in Transportation for Floricultural Crops

M.S. Reid, and C.Z. Jiang

Ornamental Crops, Transportation

Air Transport of Perishable Products

James F. Thompson, C.F.H. Bishop, Patrick E. Brecht


Concentration by Time Produce and Gas Penetration after Marine Container Fumigation of Table Grapes with Reduced Doses of Sulfur Dioxide

Carlos H. Crisosto, Lluis Palou, David Garner, Donald A. Armson

Grape, Modified Atmospheres, Transportation
April-June 2002

Refrigerated Trailer Transport of Chilled Perishable Produce and 2 folded posters


Advances in Shipping and Handling of Ornamentals

Michael Reid

Handling at Destination, Ornamental Crops, Transportation

Marine Container Transport of Chilled Perishable Produce (.html text-only of publication offered for sale)

James F. Thompson, Patrick E. Brecht, Tom Hinsch, Adel A. Kader


Shipping Produce via Ocean with CA: The Shipper’s ROI

Shawn Dohring

February 1999

Packaging Bartlett Pears in Polyethylene Film Bags to Reduce Vibration Injury in Transit

D.C. Slaughter, J.F. Thompson, R.T. Hinsch

Packaging, Pear, Transportation

Vibration of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables during Refrigerated Truck Transport

R.T. Hinsch, D.C. Slaughter, W.L. Craig, J.F. Thompson


Tropical Products Transport Handbook

Brian M. McGregor, USDA Office of Transportation

Transportation, Tropical Fruits
September 1989

Manual de Transporte de Productos Tropicales

Brian M. McGregor, Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos, Oficina de Transporte

Transportation, Tropical Fruits
August 1987

Quality Maintenance in Truck Shipments of California Strawberries

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Strawberry, Transportation
July 1980

Handling, Precooling, and Temperature Management of Cut Flower Crops for Truck Transportation

Roger E. Rij, James F. Thompson, Delbert S. Farnham

Cooling, Ornamental Crops, Transportation

Comparison of Conditioning, Precooling, Transit Method, and Use of a Floral Preservative on Cut Flower Quality

D.S. Farnham, T.G. Byrne, F.J. Marousky, D. Durking, R. Rij, J.F. Thompson, and A.M. Kofranek

Cooling, Ornamental Crops, Transportation

Postharvest Physiology of Tomatoes as Related to Transit and Marketing Problems

Leonard L. Morris, and Adel A. Kader

Marketing, Tomato, Transportation
April 1978

Evaluation of Postharvest Handling Methods for Transcontinental Truck Shipments of Cut Carnations, Chrysanthemums, and Roses

A.H. Halevy, T.G. Byrne, A.M. Kofranek, D.S. Farnham, J.F. Thompson

Ornamental Crops, Transportation

California Market Tomatoes: Maturity, Ripening & Transit Temperatures

Robert F. Kasmire, A.A. Kader, L.L. Morris

Maturity, Tomato, Transportation
July 1976

Influence of Aeration Rate and Atmospheric Composition during Simulated Transit on Visual Quality and Off-odor Production by Broccoli

R.F. Kasmire, A.A. Kader, and J.A. Klaustermeyer

Broccoli, Modified Atmospheres, Transportation
June 1974

Solid/Spaced - A New Carloading Pattern for Tight-Fill Packed Fruit

F.G. Mitchell, G. Mayer, C.H. Campbell, Jr.

Packaging, Pear, Plum, Transportation
December 1968

Bulk Handling of Shipping Fruits -- Trials Encouraging in Tulare

J.H. LaRue, F.G. Mitchell

Harvesting, Stone Fruits, Transportation
June 1964

Pear Transit Simulated in Test

Noel F. Sommer

Packaging, Pear, Transportation
September 1957


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