University of California

Publications - Tropical Fruits

Alleviation of Chilling Injury in Tropical and Subtropical Fruits

C.Y. Wang

Chilling Injury, Tropical Fruits

Chilling Injury of Tropical Horticultural Commodities

Chien Yi Wang

Chilling Injury, Tropical Fruits

Modified and Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Tropical Fruits

A.A. Kader

Modified Atmospheres, Tropical Fruits

Tropical Products Transport Handbook

Brian M. McGregor, USDA Office of Transportation

Transportation, Tropical Fruits
September 1989

Manual de Transporte de Productos Tropicales

Brian M. McGregor, Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos, Oficina de Transporte

Transportation, Tropical Fruits
August 1987
College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
Department of Plant Sciences

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