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A database containing over 1,700 articles and presentations authored by UC postharvest specialists, USDA postharvest researchers, and others.  The database is organized by topic and searchable.  Download in PDF format.

Publications Organized by Topic

Asian Pear Avocado Banana and Plantain
Biotechnology Cooling Respiration
Food Safety Stone Fruits Strawberry
Tomato Broccoli Cherry
Insect Control Quality Evaluation Cold Chain
Postharvest Horticulture Bushberries Cost-Benefit Analysis
Cut Flowers Decay Control Ethylene and 1-MCP
Handling at Destination Energy Postharvest IPM
Olive Apricot Prune
Citrus Fruit Orange Cabbage
Almond Cactus Fruit Nopalitos
Tomatillo Rice Hops
Legumes Fresh-cut Vegetables Squash
Composition Spinach Celery
Freezing Points Sweet potato Nuts and Dried Fruits
Kiwano (Horned Melon) Starfruit (Carambola) Chilling Injury
Wounding Cucumber Collard and Kale
Brussels Sprouts Cranberry Litchi (Lychee)
Pitaya Peas/Snap Peas Grain Storage
Eggplant Fresh-cut Fruits Home Storage and Handling
Kiwifruit Marketing Modified Atmospheres
Nutritional Quality Pear Pepper
Pomegranate Transportation Walnut
Water Disinfection Apple Asparagus
Carrot Consumer Issues Storage
Grape Melons Ornamental Crops
Peach Physiological Disorders Postharvest Losses
Postharvest Technology Extension Potato Processed Fruits and Vegetables
Radicchio Fruit Ripening Small-scale Postharvest Technology
Persimmon Jicama Lettuce
Health Benefits Herbs Garlic
Pepino Asian Vegetables Onion
Corn Sweet Guava Pineapple
Nectarine Plum Organic Produce
Ionizing Radiation Seed Sprouts Sensory Evaluation
Fig Harvesting Maturity
Postharvest Pathology Pistachio Tropical Fruits
Date Packaging Lemon
Mango Mandarins Dried Fruits and Nuts
Fruit Softening Raspberry Blueberry
Boysenberry Mushrooms Tamarillo
Root Crops Flavor Quality Produce Irradiation
Grain Disinfestation Grain Drying Grain Milling
UV Irradiation Composition Loquat
Phytonutrients Blackberry Nutrient Loss
Watermelon Pitahaya Central Valley Postharvest Newsletter

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