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Ask the Produce Docs (Commodity)

Does ripening affect the amount of DNA in fruit?

October 2013

Can you help me with techniques to test 'in vivo' several fungicides on banana?

November 2012

Can I use ethephon for banana ripening?

October 2012

Does keeping the lights on in the banana ripening room reduce mold growth?

June 2012

Why do bananas soften on the inside but stay green on the outside?

May 2012

Can you help with my problem using ethylene absorbers with bananas?

December 2011

Why is the skin splitting in the bananas I am shipping?

May 2011

Do bananas respond to ethylene when they are below 16 deg C?

September 2010

Why do the bananas sometimes not ripen when I treat them in the ripening champber?

April 2010

What effect does fluorescent lighting have on banana ripening?

February 2010

Is it a good idea to store green pineapple with yellow bananas to accelerate the color evolution?

August 2009

Will air compressor problems in my reefer container affect the ripening of bananas?

November 2008

Why do bananas ripen "out of synch"?

December 2006

How can we, and do we need to, increase humidity in cold storage for bananas?

August 2006

Why do some fruit ripen only on the tree and others ripen only after they are picked?

May 2006

Do you have suggestions for alternative methods for producing ethylene to ripen bananas?

July 2005

What precautions should we take to have storage and ripening on the same premises?

November 2004

Banana ripening room's pressure recommendations

April 2003

Organically grown bananas

November 2002

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