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Reid, Michael S.


Ph.D. (1968), Cell Biology; D.Sc. (1993) University of Auckland, New Zealand


Postharvest physiology and handling of ornamental crops. Testing innovative production and postharvest technologies for horticultural producers in the developing world.

102 Mann Laboratory
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My general area of interest is the senescence of ornamental plants, particularly cut flowers and potted plants. With a partial appointment in Cooperative Extension, my work covers the spectrum from studies of the biochemistry of senescence to application, in the field, of new methods in postharvest technology.

Major areas of research at the present time include:

  • Study of the role of ethylene gas in plant biology, and the practical potential of treatments with anti-ethylene agents for preventing ethylene effects.
  • Study of the water relations of cut flowers and foliage, the processes leading to reduced vase-life through wilting, and the role of bacteria in the vase solution in reducing cut flower life.
  • Studies of the molecular basis of ethylene insensitive senescence.
  • Development of improved methods for harvesting, handling, pretreating and storing cut flowers.
  • Use of biotechnology to improve ornamental plant germplasm studies of the function of senescence-associated genes using Virus-Induced Gene Silencing.
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