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Arpaia, Mary Lu


Ph.D. (1985), Plant Physiology
University of California, Davis


Postharvest handling of subtropical fruits.

Kearney Agricultural Center
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559 646-6561
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As an extension specialist for subtropical fruit, I have both an educational and research program dealing with citrus and avocado postharvest handling. There are two areas related to subtropical fruit postharvest handling in which I conduct research.

The first deals with the role of preharvest management on postharvest fruit quality. A clearer understanding of orchard management’s role is needed to develop strategies that optimize the postharvest life of subtropical fruits. I therefore collaborate in multi-disciplinary projects that examine the role of irrigation, fertilization, plant growth regulators and pest management on postharvest fruit quality.

I also conduct research that examines the response of subtropical fruit to the postharvest environment including temperature during handling and ethylene exposure.  As part of this research effort we have incorporated the use of sensory science procedures to study the impact of handling practices on eating quality. 


Selected Publications
  1. Liu, X., J. Sievert, M. L. Arpaia and M. A. Madore.  2002. Postulated physiological roles of the seven-carbon sugars, mannoheptulose, and perseitol in avocado. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 127(1):108-114.
  2. Woolf A. B., C. L. Requejo, K. A. Cox, R. C. Jackman, A. Gunson, M. L. Arpaia, and A. White. 2005. 1-MCP Reduces Physiological Storage Disorders of ‘Hass’ Avocados. Postharvest Biology and Technology. 35:43–60.
  3. Obenland, D., S. Collin, J. Sievert, K. Fjeld, J. Doctor and M. L. Arpaia. 2008.  Commercial packing and storage of navel oranges alters aroma volatiles and reduces flavor quality. Postharvest Biology and Technology. 47:159–167.
  4. Thompson, J. F., D. C. Slaughter and M. L. Arpaia.  2008. Suspended tray package for protecting soft fruit from mechanical damage. Applied Engineering in Agriculture.  24(1):71-75.
  5. Slaughter, D. C., D. M. Obenland, J. F. Thompson, M. L. Arpaia, and D. A. Margosan.  2008.  Non-destructive freeze damage detection in oranges using machine vision and ultraviolet fluorescence.  Postharvest Biology and Technology.  48: 341-346.
  6. Obenland, D., S. Collin, B. Mackey, J. Sievert, K. Fjeld, M. L. Arpaia.  2009. Determinants of flavor acceptability during the maturation of navel oranges. Postharvest Biology and Technology. 52:156–163.
  7. Obenland, D., D. Margosan, S. Collin, J. Sievert, K. Fjeld, M. L. Arpaia, J. Thompson, D. Slaughter.  2009.  Peel Fluorescence as a Means to Identify Freeze-damaged Navel Oranges. HortTechnology. 19(2):379-384.
  8. Obenland, D., S. Collin, B. Mackey, J. Sievert, M. L. Arpaia.  2011.  Storage temperature and time influences sensory quality of mandarins by altering soluble solids, acidity and aroma volatile composition.  Postharvest Biology and Technology 59:187–193.
  9. Kallsen, C. E., B. Sanden, M. L. Arpaia.  2011.  Early Navel Orange Fruit Yield, Quality, and Maturity in Response to Late-season Water Stress. HortScience. 46(8):1163-1169.
  10. Obenland, D., S. Collin, J. Sievert, M. L. Arpaia. 2012.  Impact of High-temperature Forced-air Heating of Navel Oranges on Quality Attributes, Sensory Parameters, and Flavor Volatiles.  HortScience.  47(3):386–390.
  11. Obenland, D., S. Collin, J. Sievert, F. Negm, M.L. Arpaia. 2012.  Influence of maturity and ripening on aroma volatiles and flavor in ‘Hass’ avocado.  Postharvest Biology and Technology. 71:41-50.
  12. Obenland, D., and Arpaia, M. L.  2012.  Variability in waxing-induced ethanol and aroma volatile production among mandarin genotypes.  Acta Horticulturae.  945:405-412. (peer reviewed)
  13. Obenland, D., S. Collin, J. Sievert and M.L. Arpaia. 2013. Mandarin flavor and aroma volatile composition are strongly influenced by holding temperature.  Postharvest Biology and Technology. 82:6-14
  14. McDonald, H., M.L Arpaia, F. Caporaso, D. Obenland, L. Were, C. Rakovski, A. Prakash. 2013. Effect of gamma irradiation treatment at phytosanitary dose levels on the quality of ‘Lane Late’ navel oranges.  Postharvest Biology and Technology 86:91–99.
Botany and Plant Sciences
  • UC Riverside Faculty
Extension Specialist

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