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Looking for literature providing information on reasons for bluebery flesh color change?

  • Bushberries

 I have noticed a change in blueberry flesh color from white to red, in response to Botrytis infection.  I am in search of any literature supporting either the migration of anthocyanins from the peel to the flesh or information regarding synthesis of these pigments in response to pathogens or stress.  Do you have any suggestions as to where I could find such evidence?  (A.v.H.) 


I too have observed the formation of red pigmentation around damaged fruit tissues.  I have observed this from insect, disease, and physical injuries (ammonia damage).  I am not aware of any references to the cause of this, but I imagine it is some sort of defense response by the plant.  You may want to try searching pathology or entomology topics or defense response.  Good luck.

-Beth Mitcham

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