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Combining exotic commodities for container shipping?

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I am responsible for imports of exotics from the Americas to the Netherlands.  We really appreciate your work and find your publications really helpful. My company is targeting the European market with many products on a small/medium scale, which means that our volumes of importation are not always big enough to fill up a minimum quantity required to bring a full container (40' reefer for example) of some item alone.


Thus, we propose transporting the following products together:

-Honeydew melon (50%) with Extra Sweet MD2 Pineapples(50%) on a normal reefer container up to 3 weeks on their way at 46F;

-Green Plantains (up to 15%) with Extra Sweet MD2 Pineapples (85%) on a normal reefer container up to 3 weeks on their way at 48F;

-Honeydew melon (50%) with green limes (50%) that should stay so till the time they are sold. Transported at 46F;

-Papaya Golden (10%) with green limes (90%). Transported at 46F;

-Green Plantains (up to 15%) with green limes (85%). Transported at 48F.

We would appreciate your feedback.  (V.S.)


All these fruits (honeydew melons, pineapples, papayas, plantains, and limes) can suffer from chilling injury if exposed to temperatures below 50F for 3 weeks or longer. Thus, it is better to set the temperature at 50F than at 46 or 48F to avoid chilling injury and subsequent increased susceptibility to decay. These five fruits can be shipped together at 50F and 85 to 95% relative humidity. 

– Adel Kader

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