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CA Bibliography (1981-2000) & CA Recommendations (CD)

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Description: This CD is a researchable data base and includes a bibliography of articles from 1981 through 2000. It includes Controlled Atmospheres Bibliography, Requirements and Recommendations and CA for Insect Disinfestation. It also includes 2001 CA Recommendations.






Table of Contents:

CA Bibliography 1982-2000
Compiled by Jennifer Ante, Erica James, Adel Kader, Pam Moyer, Mayacamas Olds, Donna Seaver, and
Devon Zagory
CA Requirements and Recommendation
Apples and Pears - updated by Gene Kupferman
Fruits other than Apples and Pears - updated by Adel Kader
Vegetables - updates by Mikal Saltveit
Fresh-Cut Fruits - updated by Jom Gorny
Cut Flowers - updated by Mike Reid
CA for Insect Disinfestation 2001 - updated by Beth Mitcham



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