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Commercial Cooling of Fruits Vegetables & Flowers

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Authors: James F. Thompson, F. Gordon Mitchell, Tom R. Rumsey, Robert F. Kasmire, and Carlos H. Crisosto, Rev. 2008, 61 pages

Description: This practical handbook is appropriate for those just investigating produce cooling as well as the operator and professional designer. You'll get detailed descriptions of proper temperature management for perishables and commercial methods of cooling fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers.  Included is a complete discussion of design for hydro-cooler and forced-air cooler systems, the two most commonly used cooling methods. Features 25 graphs and illustrations, 11 color photographs, and 15 tables.


Table of Contents:

List of Illustrations
List of Tables
1. The Commodity
2. Forced-Air Cooling
3. Hydracooling
4. Room, Vacuum, Transport, and Ice Cooling
5. Selecting a Cooling Method
6. Measuring Temperature
7. Cooling Calculations
8. Cooling Data
Appendix A-1: Cooling and Long-Term Storage Requirements for Fruits and Vegetables
Appendix A-2: Cooling and Long-Term Storage Requirements for Cut Flowers, Florist Greens, Bulbs, Cuttings, and Miscellaneous Nursery Stock



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