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Editor/Compiler: Trevor Suslow, 2018. Flash drive with more than 450 pages of PDF documents and binder workshop materials. We recommend shoppers purchase Commercial Cooling of Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers (Pub #21567), and the Postharvest Transport Series Set (Pub #21621) in conjunction with the Fresh-cut Workshop Flash Drive.

Description: Annual workshop's instructional materials downloaded onto a flash drive. This flash drive includes lecture notes, demonstration handouts, and journal publications referenced in the workshop.

The 2018 edition of this bookstore item contains course material from the Fresh-cut Products: The Science and Art of Quality and Safety workshop held September 18-20, 2018. Instructors included Jeff Brandenburg, Jeff Brecht, Christine Bruhn, Marita Cantwell, Rudi Groppe, Elizabeth Mitcham, Anne Plotto, Mikal Saltveit, and Trevor Suslow.


Table of Contents
 a.  Workshop Schedule
 b.  Speakers and Contact Information
 c.  Introduction & Information Sources
 a.  Trends in Marketing Fresh Produce & Fresh-cut Products: Roberta Cook slides
 b.  Image of Fresh-cut 2012 United
 c.  Eye on Economics Consumption BluePrints article Cook 2011
 d.  Food Safety and the E.coli outbreak associated with Spinach (Calvin et al, 2008)
 e.  Identifying Consumer Trends Produce 2011PMA/Hartman Group
 f.   Consumer Attitudes Packaging PMA 2011
 g.  Health and Increased F&V Consumption NAP 2010
 h.  Healthy Eating Trends PMA 2009
 i.  Berry and Lettuce Marketing Forces Cook 2011
 j.   Forces affecting US growers and marketers Cook 2011
 k.  Lettuce/Leafy greens sector Cook 2012
 l.  Freshcut update PMA 2014
 a. Freshcut Quality and Nutrition Marita Cantwell slides
 b. Preharvest Factors and Freshcut. Deirdre Holcroft slides
 c. Quality Rating Scales Kader & Cantwell et al 2010
 d. Freshcut products Factors Affecting Quality Safety Francis et al 2012
 e. Freshcut Color Flavor Texture Nutrition review Barrett et al 2010
 f. Fresh produce biochemical quality factors Fellman 2013
 g. Flavor loss of freshcuts Forney 2008
 h. USDA Shipping Point & Market Inspection Instructions
 j. Methods for determining quality Mitcham et al 2003
 i. Harvest maturity leafy vegetables. Gil 2012
 j. Methods Determine Quality Fresh Produce Mitcham et al 2003
 k. Flavor quality perspective article Kader 2008
 L. Modeling fresh-cut melon shelflife Amodio et al 2013
 m. Failure criteria reject cut lettuce Ares et al 2008
 n. Nutritional quality fresh-cut fruits and vegetables Review, Gil and Kader 2008
 o. Freshcut Fruits vitamin content Gil and Kader 2006
 p. Carotenoids endive spinach maturity season Azevedo et al 2005
 q. Minimal processing and bioactives tomatoes Odriozola-Serrano et al 2008
 r. QTLs for shelflife lettuce biophysical properties Zhang et al 2007
 s. Genetic variation shelflife salad cut lettuce Hayes and Liu 2008
 t. Agronomic factors and lettuce quality Hilton 2009
 u. Irrigation deficit excess and freshcut lettuce quality Gil 2012
 v. Quality cut lettuces from soil and soilless production Selma 2012
 w. Irrigation termination and lettuce for salad Fonseca 2006
 x. Vegetable freshcut water management review Gil 2013
 y. Water management romaine quality Luna et al 2013
 z. PRODUCT DEMO quality and temperature of various fresh-cut products
 a. Flavor and Aroma Biology: Florence Negre-Zakharov slides
 b. Sensory Evaluation of Fresh and Fresh-cut Produce. Anne Plotto slides
 c. Consumer Perceptions Freshcut. Christine Bruhn slides
 d. Consumer Perceptions of Fresh-cut Products (vegetables)
 e. Sensory quick descriptive methods Valentin 2012
 f. Better fruits vegetables through sensory analysis Bartoshuk and Klee 2013
 g. Apples freshness perception consumer. Lund 2006
 h. CATA strawberry breeding. Lado 2010
 i.  Comparing ranking and descriptive Rodrigue 2000
 j.  Sensory quality index strawberries Ares 2009
 k. Eating quality standards apples.  Harker 2008
 L. Flash profiling dairy products. Delarue 2004
 m. Fruit quality consumer apple review. Harker 2003
 n. Freshcut potato sanitation and sensory Beltran 2005
 o. Practical Analysis Flavor Fragrance. Margarias 2011
 p. Perspective Flavor and quality. Kader 2008
 q. Survival analysis fruit ripening.  Garitta 2008
 r. Choice increases veg  intake children Rohlfs Dominguez 2013
 s. Blueberries MAP sensory Rosenfeld 1999
 t. Peach consumer liking Delgado 2013
 u. Retailer activity shaping food choice Dawson 2013
 v. Pomegranate sensory. Koppel 2010
 w. Sensory apple juice Cliff 2000
 x. Taste Perception Proto Magazine article, Delude 2012
 y. Sensory leafy greens. Talavera-Bianchi 2010
 z. Sensory orange juice Perez-Cacho 2009
 za. Sensory tomatoes. Hongsoongnern 2009
 zb. Shelflife survival analysis accelerated storage Hough 2006
 zc. Chemosensory genes polymorphism Hayes 2013
 zd. 1MCP tomato sensory Cliff 2009
 ze.  Hednic general and hedonic 9point scale. Kalva and Sims 2014
 zf.  Sensory demonstration. Anne Plotto slides
 zg. Chi-square formula
 a. Fresh-cut Biology: Mikal Saltveit slides
 b. Special treatments for fresh-cuts. Diane Barrett slides
 c. Fresh-cut cell integrity and translucency. Jeff Brecht slides
 d. Postharvest biology overview. Kader 2002
 e. Ethylene Biology and Control
 f. Ethylene effects  Saltveit 2004
 g. Fresh-cut physiology preparation handling Cantwell & Suslow 2002
 h. Fresh-cut microbiology and physiological deterioration review Ragaert 2007
 i.  Fresh-cut Vegetables and Fruits Review Brecht et al 2004
 j. Freshcut biochemical bases quality changes Toivonen & Brummel 2008
 k. Inhibition enzymatic browning on fresh-cut vegetables and fruits Laurila 1998
 L. Discoloration raw and processed vegetables review Adams and Brown 2007
 m. Preservation treatments for fresh-cut fruits and vegetables Garcia and Barrett 2002
 n. Enzymatic browning and its control He and Luo 2007
 o. Fresh-cut fruits veg abiotic stress Hodges and Toivonen 2008
 p. Respiration fresh-cut produce time-temp model Waghmare 2013
 q. Fruit fresh-cut respiration mixtures prediction Edelenbos 2014
 r. Coatings minimally processed fruits vegs Dea et al 2012
 s. Edible films fresh-cut review Valencia-Chamorro 2011
 t. Heat treatments quality fresh and fresh-cut produce Fallik 2013
 u. Postharvest and trends biotechnology Pech2014
 a. Fresh-cut Equipment Selection: Rudi Groppe slides
 b. Equipment for fresh-cut fruits: Rudi Groppe slides
 c. Sanitary Plant Design: Rudi Groppe slides
 d. Fresh-cut Produce Preparation (Gorny and Thompson)
 e. Reportable Food Registry FDA
 f. Fresh-cut Magazine 2014 Buyers’ Guide
 g. Guide US Food Regulatory System 2009
 h. Fresh-cut leafy damage centrifuge and imaging Luo et al 2003
 i. Centrifugation spinach Pirovani etal 2003
 j. Spinach defects vision system Lunadei et al 2012
 k. Processing fresh-cut tropical fruits and vegetables FAO2010
 a. Temperature Management and Cooling: Jim Thompson slides
 b. Produce Traceability: Mike Scott and Ray Connelly slides
 c. Transportation and distribution: Jeff Brecht slides
 d. Fresh-Cut Product Handling Guidelines (IFPA & PMA)
 e. Land transportation Le Blanc 2005
 f. Transportation overview Vigneault et al 2009
 g. Blackberry Case Study Intelliflex 2012
 h. Distribution freshcut Ecoli McKellar et al 2012
 i. Quality safety sustainability food distribution Akkerman 2010
 j. Sanitary transportation FDA guidance 2010
 k. FSMA proposed rule sanitary transportation 2014
 l. Food traceability global comparison Charlebois 2014
 a. Introduction to Modified Atmospheres: Jeff Brecht slides
 b. Packaging Film Technology: Jeff Brandenburg slides
 c. New Packaging Concepts: Jeff Brandenburg slides
 d. Controlled and modified atmospheres, an introduction Zagory
 e. MA and CA packaging technology Brandenburg & Zagory 2009 chapter
 f. MAP for fresh-cut produce Toivonen et al 2009 chapter
 g. Modified atmospheres and fresh-cut fruits Martin-Belloso 2006
 h. Packaging Design for Fresh-cut Produce
 i. Modified humidity packaging Rodov et al 2010
 j. Fresh-cut packaging high relative humidity review Ayala 2008
 k. Packaging foods active intelligent review Pereira 2012
 l. MAP basis for active packaging Beaudry (no date)
 m. Modified atmospheres packaging. Chapter 8 Thomson 2010
 n. MAP design software Mahajan 2007
 o. Modeling respiration rates for MAP Fonseca et al 2002
 p. Predictive modeling package design Jacxens et al 2002
 q. Advances food packaging review Kour et al 2013
 r. MAP Basics Mir and Beaudry 2004
 s. Condensation and plastic packaging Linke and Geyer 2013
 t. FreshCut magazine MAP article Brandenburg 2014
 u. Packaging and packaging reduction. Van Sluisveld and Worell2013
 v. Packaging and Print media article 2013
 w. Packaging and transpiration strawberry Sousa-Gallagher et al 2013
 x. Perforated MAP strawberry Xanthopoulos et al 2012
 y. New printing inks Zvonkina et al 2014
 a. Microbial food safety and FSMA update. David Gombas slides
 b. Prerequisite Programs Preventive Controls. Trevor Suslow slides
 c. Microbial Testing Considerations: Trevor Suslow slides
 d. FSMA Produce Safety webpage
 e. FDA Guide Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards Fresh-cut June 2009
 f. USDA QTV (Qualified Through Verification) Program for Fresh-cut  2012
 g. Food Safety Guidelines for Fresh-Cut Industry (IFPA)
 h. Leafy Green Marketing agreement 2013
 i. Key Points of Control & Management of Microbial Food Safety. Suslow
 j. Melons: Key Points…. Management Microbial Food Safety. Suslow
 k. Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines: Lettuce and Leafy Greens
 l. Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines Melons 2013
 m  Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines for the Fresh Tomato Supply Chain
 n. Field Cored Lettuce Best Practices NFPA/IFPA/UFFVA document
 o. Fresh-cut Produce Re-Wash Recommendations CDHS 2006
 p. Recommendations Handling Leafy Greens by Retail and Consumers 2007
 q. Center Produce Safety Key Learnings Research Symposium 2014
 r. Bacteria enhance Salmonella survival Posa et al 2013
 s. Food safety fresh produce review 2011
 t. Detection of Salmonella in large volumes water McEgan 2012
 u. Decontamination methods freshcut review Devlieghere 2008
 w. Produce Safety Alliance Documents Dec 2011
 x. Methods to reduce pathogens freshcut Parish 2003
 y. Modified Moore Swabs irrigation water Sbodio 2013
 z. Preharvest risk factors.  Suslow et al 2003
 za. Protocols irrigation water Harris et al 2012
 zb. Romaine lettuce microbial profile Rastogi et al 2013
 zc. Root update assessment Salmonella field conditions Lopez 2012
 zd. Surrogates and indicators review. Busta et al 2003
 ze. Survival E.coli leafy greens postharvest. Tomas et al 2011
 zf. Food safety policy overview USDA 2011
 zg. FSMA overview PMA 2013
 zh. Irrigation water standards. Suslow
 Zi. Microbial testing white paper UFPA
 a. Water Disinfection management: Karan Khurana slides
 b. Postharvest Chlorination Suslow
 c. Water Disinfection: Calculating Dose Values
 d. Ozone applications for postharvest disinfection. Suslow 2004
 e. Using Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Monitoring and Control. Suslow 2004
 f. Guidelines Controlling Listeria in Packing and Fresh-cut Operations. Suslow 2000
 g. Listeria postharvest hints. Suslow 2013
 h. Ozonated water efficacy three products Xu 2014
 i. Chlorine-based sanitizers stability Waters 2014
 j. Chlorine demand estimating Suslow 2013
 h. Irradiation fruits and vegetables, Food Tech article 2008
 k. Inactivation Salmonella water chlorine dioxide Lopez et al 2012
 l. Chlorine dioxide chlorine efficacy red chard. Tomas et al 2012
 m. Tomato dump tank chlorine dioxide. Tomas et al 2012
 n. Food Irradiation Guide GMA 2009
 o. Irradiation fruits vegs Food Technology 2008
 p. Irradiation and fresh-cut product quality safety Fan 2013
 a.  Lettuce, Spinach, Leafy Green. Marita Cantwell slides
 b.  Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Mushroom, Beans Peas. Marita Cantwell slides
 c.  Tomato and Pepper. Marita Cantwell slides
 d.  Potato, Carrot, Onion, Garlic. Marita Cantwell slides
 e.  Sweetcorn, Cucumber, Squash. Jeff Brecht slides
 f.  Nutritional quality vegetables review JFS 2008
 g. Fresh-cut Vegetables by Barth, Zhuang & Saltveit. USDA Handbook 66
 h. Leaf senescence review Lim et al 2007
 i. Pepper fresh-cut red ozone chlorine and quality Horvitz 2012
 j. Tomato translucency Lana et al 2006
 k. Tomato damage and consequences for sliced product Buccheri and Cantwell 2014
 L. Eggplant fresh-cut ascorbic low O2 Li et al 2014
 m. Pumpkin fresh-cut treatments storage conditions Amodio et al 2010
 n. Artichoke high CO2 la Zazzera et al 2012
 o. Artichoke image analysis browning Amodio et al 2012
 p. Baby leaf lettuces characterized Gil 2012
 q. Broccoli raab 1MCP Cefola et al 2010
 r.  Broccoli raab modified atmospheres Cefola et al 2010
 s.  Lettuce baby leaf deterioration Wagstaff 2007
 t.  Lettuce cell walls shelflife. Wagstaff et al 2010
 u. Lettuce cut quality sanitizer surfactant Salgado Luo 2014
 v.  same as reference 11u
 w.Lettuce browning control phytoncide (pine) Kong 2014
 x. Lettuce mechanical properties postharvest Newman et al 2005
 y. Lettuce romaine cut lowO2 light Gil group 2011
 z. Lettuce salad quality nondestructive O2 monitoring Hempel 2013
 za. Lettuce fresh-cut microbial growth and phenolic content Barrios and Saltveit 2013
 zb. Spinach quality and nitrogen fertilization Gutierrez et al 2013
 zc. Spinach MAP offodors Tudela et al 2013
 zd. Cabbage Chinese fresh-cut production conditions Scuderi 2013
 ze. Lotus root browning control statistical process Jiang 2014
 zf.  Potato fresh-cut browning control treatments. Ma et al 2010
 zg. Reference list for fresh-cut vegetables 2014 update
 a. Ripening fruits for fresh-cut: Beth Mitcham slides
 b. Apple and pear. Beth Mitcham slides
 c. Peach and nectarine. Deirdre Holcroft and Adel Kader slides
 d. Mango, pineapple, banana,  citrus. Jeff Brecht  slides
 e. Kiwifruit, pomegranate, berries. Deirdre Holcroft and Adel Kader slides
 f. Melon.  Marita Cantwell slides
 g. Fruit maturity, ripening and quality relationships. Kader 1999
 h. Fresh-cut Fruits by Beaulieu and Gorny. USDA Handbook 66
 i. Fresh-cut fruit preservation emerging technologies review2010
 j. Apples varieties for fresh-cut Altisent 2014
 k. Surface decontamination apples UVC light Manzoocco et al 2011
 l. Sensory quality fresh-cut apples 1MCP. Siddiq et al 2014
 m. Pear fresh-cut PPO browning pH additives Almedia group 2014
 n. Pear Blanquilla fresh-cut and 1MCP. Arias et al 2009
 o. Pomegranate arils combined effects Artes 2013
 p. Fresh-cut mango report to Mango Board. Barrett et al 2012
 q. Mango fresh-cut calcium salts texture sensory Mgamchuachit et al 2014
 r. Melon fresh-cut maturity Beaulieu 2007
 s. Melon cantaloupe storage and fresh-cut micro and quality Munira et al 2013
 t. Melon fresh-cut temperature sensory Lamikanra 2011
 u. Nectarine varieties for fresh-cut Nogales-Delgado et al 2014
 v. Suitability nectarine cultivars for freshcut Bordonaba et al 2014
 w. Nectarine fresh-cut preservatives and MAP. Cefola et al 2014
 x. Pomegranate arils automated inspection. Blasco et al 2008
 y. Pomegranate arils shelf life quality. Lopez-Rubira et al 2005
 z. Reference List for Fresh-cut Fruits including Melons



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