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From the Farm to Your Table

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Authors: James Thompson, Adel Kader. 2009, 16 pages

Description: This colorful handbook will help you pick good-quality, healthy fruits and vegetables that are a vital part of your daily diet. You'll learn why there is more to fruit and vegetable quality than meets the eye and how to handle your fresh fruits and vegetables at home to maintain their quality and safety.

You'll also learn how growing and harvesting factors can affect quality, and the effect of growing locations, produce handling methods, and the number of steps between production and retail markets. The publication includes handy tables to show you the steps between the field and your table, which fruits and vegetables should be stored in the refrigerator and which should be stored on the counter, and what to look for when selecting produce at the market. 

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Table of Contents:

What Does Quality Mean?
Quality Begins on the Farm
Growing Conditions
Growing Practices
Maturity at Harvest
Produce Handling
From Grower to the Market
Long-Term Storage
Transport to Market
How to Select Good-Quality Produce at the Market
Home Storage
Food Safety at Home



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