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Marine Container Transport

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Authors: James F. Thompson, Patrick E. Brecht, Tom Hinsch, and Adel A. Kader. 2000, 32 pages

Description: An indespensable guide for shippers, tansport company personnel, inspectors, surveyors, insurers and receiving company employees. Inside you'll find comprehensive information on how to select the proper boxes for shipment, how to plan a load, the correct temperature for loading, how to keep containers under optimum operating conditions, and how to monitor and record temperature during transit.

Also included is a container loading checklist, an appendix on toubleshooting produce problems during transport illustrated with 46 color photographs, a table of recommended storage temperature and relatuve humidity with observations on ethylene production and sensitivity and beneficial controlled atmosphere (CA) conditions for long-term storage of fresh fruits and vegetables. This revised version includes two 22x34 inch color posters, one in English and one in Spanish, that summarize the major stops for successful loading.

Table of Contents:

List of Illustrations
List of Tables
Selecting and Using Boxes for Marine Container Shipment
Load Planning
Produce Temperature at Loading
Container Operating Conditions
Container Loading
Temperature Recording Devices
Appendix A.
Troubleshooting Produce Problems in Marine Container Transport
Appendix B.
Long-Term Storage Requirements for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables



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