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Organic Strawberry Production

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Technical Editors: Steven T. Koike, Carolee T. Bull, Mark Bolda, Oleg Daugovish

Description: This 148-page manual includes more than 100 color photographs, and provides information about organic strawberry production, disease and pest management, postharvest handling, marketing, and the organic certification proccess of organic strawberries.  Growers, pest control advisors, consultants, marketers, industry professionals, and others interested in the growing and organic certification process of organic strawberries will find this manual helpful.



Table of Contents:

Economic Performance and Marketing Considerations
Growth of the Organic Strawberry Industry in California
Costs of Production and Economic Returns for Organic Strawberries
Varietal Performance
Cultivar Selection for Pest Management in Organic Strawberry Production
Crop Management
Cover Crops for Nutrient Management in organic Strawberry Production on California's Central Coast
Weed Control in Organic Strawberries
Nitrogen Management in Organic Strawberries
Erosion and Sediment Management Strategies for Organic Strawberries
Disease and Pest Management
Disease Management for Organic Strawberries: Foliar and Fruit Problems
Cultural and Biological Management of Major Soilborne Diseases of Organic Strawberries
Arthropod Management in Organic Strawberries
Harvest and Postharvest Considerations
Postharvest Handling for Organic Strawberries
Certification Issues
Organic Certification and Registration in California
Sustainability Indicators
Sustainability Indicators in Organic Strawberries: Making the Conversion to Organic - and Beyond



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