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Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops

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Available as a printed publication in English, or as a PDF document on a CD translated into Spanish "Tecnología Postcosecha de Cultivos Hortofrutícolas".

Editor: Adel A. Kader. 2002, 535 pages

Contributing Autors: James E. Adaskaveg, Mary Lu Arpaia, Diane M. Barrett, Christine M. Bruhn, Marita I. Cantwell, Roberta L. Cook, Cralos H. Crisosto, Donald C. Edwards, Helga Forster, Robert J. Fortlage, James R. Gorny, Linda J. Harris, Adel A. Kader, Lisa Kitinoja, Elizabeth J. Mitcham, F. Gordon Mitchell, Jeffrey P. Mitchell, Michael S. Reid, Noel F. Sommer, Trevor V. Suslow, James F. Thompson, Devon Zagory

Description: The third edition of our definitive manual on postharvest technology has been completely updated and expanded. Five new chapters cover consumer issues in quality and safety, preharvest factors affecting fruit and vegetable quality, waste management and cull utilization, safety factors, and processing methods. A new appendix presents a summary of optimal conditions and the potential storage life of 200 fruits and vegetables.

Edited by Adel Kader and written by 22 authors, including UC researchers, specialists, and faculty along with leading industry experts. This is an invaluable resource for research professionals, quality control  personnel, and postharvest biology students – anyone involved in the technology for handling and storing fresh fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals, applicable worldwide. Contains 154 color photos, 184 black-and-white photos, and 111 graphs and illustrations.

Table of Contents:

1. Sources of Information related to Postharvest Biology and Technology; Adel A. Kader
2. The U.S. Fresh Produce Industry: An Industry in Transitions; Roberta L. Cook
3. Consumers Issues in Quality and Safety; Christine M. Bruhn
4. Postharvest Biology and Technology: An Overview; Adel A. Kader
5. Preharvest Factors Affecting Fruit and Vegetable Quality; Carlos H. Crisosto and Jeffery P. Mitchell
6. Maturation and Maturity Indices; Michael S. Reid
7. Harvesting Systems; James F. Thompson
8. Preparation for Fresh Market; James F. Thompson, Elizabeth J. Mitcham, and F. Gordon Mitchell
9. Waste Management ands Cull Utilization; James F. Thompson
10. Packages for Horticulture Crops; James F. Thompson and F. Gordon Mitchell 11. Cooling Horticulture Commodities; James F. Thompson, F. Gordon Mitchell, and Robert F. Kasmire
12. Storage Systems; James F. Thompson
13. Psychrometrics and Perishable Commodities; James F. Thompson
14. Modified Atmosphere during Transport and Storage; Adel A. Kader
15. Methods of Gas Mixing, Sampling, and Analysis; Adel A. Kader
16. Ethylene in Postharvest Technology; Michael S. Reid
17. Principles of Postharvest Pathology and Management of Decays if Edible Horticultural Crops; James E. Adaskaveg, Helga Förster, and Noel F. Sommer
18. Postharvest Disease of Selected Commodities; Noel F. Sommer, Robert J. Fortlage, and Donald C. Edwards
19. Postharvest Treatments for Insect Control; Elizabeth J. Mitcham, F. Gordon Mitchell, Mary Lu Arpaia, and Adel A. Kader
20. Transportation; James F. Thompson
21. Handling at Destination Markets; James F. Thompson and Carlos H. Crisosto
22. Quality and Safety Factors: Definition and Evaluation for Fresh Horticultural Crops; Adel A. Kader
23. Standardization and Inspection of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables; Adel A. Kader
24. Safety Factors; Linda J. Harris, Devon Zagory, and James R. Gorny
25. Postharvest Handling Systems: Ornamental Crops; Michael S. Reid
26. Postharvest Handling Systems: Fresh Herbs; Marita I. Cantwell and Michael S. Reid  
27. Postharvest Handling Systems: Pome Fruits; Elizabeth J. Mitcham and F. Gordon Mitchell
28. Postharvest Handling Systems: Stone Fruits 
   I. Peach, Nectarine, and Plum; Carlos H. Crisosto and F. Gordon Mitchell
   II. Apricots; Carlos H. Crisosto
   III. Sweet Cherry;  Elizabeth J. Mitcham and Carlos H. Crisosto
29. Postharvest Handling Systems: Small Fruits 
   I. Table Grapes; Carlos H. Crisosto and F. Gordon Mitchell
   II. Strawberries and Cane Berries; Elizabeth J. Mitcham and F. Gordon Mitchell
   III. Kiwifruit; Carlos H. Crisostp and F. Gordon Mitchell
30. Postharvest Handling Systems: Subtropical Fruit; Adel A. Kader and Mary Lu Arpaia
31. Postharvest Handling Systems: Tropical Fruit; Adel A. Kader, Noel F. Sommer, and Mary Lu Arpaia
32. Postharvest Handling Systems: Tree Nuts; Adel A. Kader and James F. Thompson
33. Postharvest Handling Systems: Fruit Vegetables; Marita I. Cantwell and Robert F. Kasmire
34. Postharvest Handling Systems: Flower, Leafy, and Stem Vegetable; Marita I. Cantwell and Robert F. Kasmire
35. Postharvest Handling Systems: Underground Vegetables (Roots, Tubers, and Bulbs); Marita I. Cantwell and Robert F. Kasmire
36. Postharvest Handling Systems: Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables; Marita I. Cantwell and Trevor V. Suslow
37. Processing of Horticulture Crops; Diane M. Barrett
38. Making the Link: Extension of Postharvest Technology
   I. Identifying Scale-Appropriate Postharvest Technology; Lisa Kitinoja
   II. Extension Methods for Transferring Postharvest Technology; Lisa Kitinoja and Robert F. Kasmire
Appendix: Summary of Table of Optimal Handling Conditions for Fresh Produce; Marita I. Cantwell  



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